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"Microsoft forgets about SwiftKey's support site."

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Injecting Copilot branding will not make TLS certificates auto-renew Another Microsoft certificate has expired, leaving SwiftKey users that are seeking support faced with an alarming certificate error.…
Skin-sparing mastectomy and breast reconstruction scrapped as result of ransomware at supplier Exclusive The latest figures suggest that around 1,500 medical procedures have been canceled across some of London's biggest hospitals in the four weeks since Qilin's ransomware attack hit pathology services provider Synnovis. But perhaps no single person was affected as severely as Johanna Groothuizen.


How to get ready for the future of digital identity in the European Union from eIDAS 1.0 to eIDAS 2.0 and beyond Partner Content : Opening a bank account, making or receiving a payment, instructing an accountant or booking a doctor's appointment. These everyday tasks depend on identity, either proving who you are or verifying who you're dealing with.…
Vietnam now requires it for some purchases. It may be a fraud risk in Singapore. Or ML could be making it safe The use of selfies to verify identity online is an emerging trend in some parts of the world since the pandemic forced more business to go digital. Some banks – and even governments – have begun requiring live images over Zoom or similar in order to participate in the modern economy. The
Also: F1 authority breached; Prudential victim count skyrockets; a new ransomware actor appears; and more security in brief It's been a week of bad cyber security revelations for OpenAI, after news emerged that the startup failed to report a 2023 breach of its systems to anybody outside the organization, and that its ChatGPT app for macOS was coded without any regard for user privacy.…
Plus: Samsung strike; India likely upping chip subsidies; Asian nations link payment schemes Asia In Brief Mt Gox, the Japanese crypto exchange that dominated trading for a brief time in the early 2010s before collapsing amid the disappearance of nearly half a billion dollars worth of the digicash, likely as a result of its own shoddy software, has said it will start to repay some investors – in

JUL 5, 2024

Mozilla shows guts with its extensions – but that's the way the Cook, he crumbles Updated At least two VPNs are no longer available for Russian iPhone users, seemingly after the Kremlin's internet regulatory agency Roskomnadzor demanded Apple take them down.…

JUL 4, 2024

Privacy measures apparently helping criminals evade capture Top Eurocops are appealing for help from lawmakers to undermine a privacy-enhancing technology (PET) they say is hampering criminal investigations – and it's not end-to-end encryption this time. Not exactly.…



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