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The Hacker News: Weekly Cybersecurity Newsletter

Here are "the top cybersecurity stories you must read now!" Apple issues urgent warning. Are your data safe? MyloBot Botnet goes global. Is Twitter leaving you exposed? ----- Accessed on 27 February 2023, 1418 UTC.  Content provided by email subscription to "The Hacker News."  Source: ("The Hacker News:  Weekly Cybersecurity Newsletter"). Please click link or scroll down to read your selections. Russ Roberts ( and Weekly Cybersecurity Newsletter Greetings, fellow defenders of digital security! It's time to fortify our shields and sharpen our swords because the battle against cyber threats never ceases. Welcome to our weekly cybersecurity newsletter, where we bring you the latest and greatest insights, news, and tips to keep your digital kingdom safe from the relentless attacks of hackers and cybercriminals. So,