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The CyberWire Daily Briefing Update

"International Law Enforcement hits Qakbot...." Views expressed in this cybersecurity, cybercrime update are those of the reporters and correspondents.  Accessed on 31 August 2023, 0557 UTC. Content supplied by "The CyberWire Daily Briefing Update." Source: ("The CyberWire Daily Briefing"). Please click link or scroll down to read your selections.  Thanks for joining us today. Russ Roberts ( ISSUES V12 | Issue 166 | 8.30.23 International law enforcement hits Qakbot. Developments in the cybercriminal underworld. Cyberespionage and notes on a hybrid war. International operation takes down Qakbot. Chinese threat actor anticipated Barracuda remediations. “Prolific” threat actor targets the crypto sector. Criminals are selling a dataset allegedly stolen from China's Ministry of State Security. Adversary-in-the-middle attacks. Making phishbait more effective. New