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Attacker easily penetrates Uber system. Views expressed in this cybersecurity, cybercrime, and cyberespionage update are those of the reporters and corresponents.  Accessed on 18 September 2022, 1408 UTC. Content supplied by "" Source: Please click link or scroll down to read your selections. Russ Roberts (machine learning, artificial intelligence, IoT, and information security) Latest News Attacker Apparently Didn't Have to Breach a Single System to Pwn Uber Alleged teen hacker claims he found an admin password in a network share inside Uber that allowed complete access to ride-sharing giant's AWS, Windows, Google Cloud, VMware, and other environments. by Jai Vijayan, Contributing Writer, Dark Reading Sep 16, 2022 ATTACKS/BREACHES 5 MIN READ ARTICLE Real Estate Phish Swallows 1,000s of Microsoft 365 Credentials The attacks showcase broader security