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Latest News

Beyond the Obvious: The Boldest Cybersecurity Predictions for 2023

Dark Reading's panel of security experts deliver a magnum of bubbly hot takes on what 2023 will look like, featuring evil AIs, WWIII, wild workplace soon-to-be-norms, and more.

New Year's Surprise: Cybersecurity M&A, Funding Activity Snowballs in Q4

Concerns about recessionary trends impacting the cybersecurity sector in 2022 remained largely unfounded in Q4, as investment activity surged after a Q3 slowdown.

Will the Crypto Crash Impact Cybersecurity in 2023? Maybe.

Will the bottom falling out of the cryptocurrency market have a profound impact on cybercriminal tactics and business models? Experts weigh in on what to expect.

Internet AppSec Remains Abysmal & Requires Sustained Action in 2023

A variety of initiatives — such as memory-safe languages and software bills of materials — promise more secure applications, but sustained improvements will require that vendors do much better, researchers agree.

Container Verification Bug Allows Malicious Images to Cloud Up Kubernetes

A complete bypass of the Kyverno security mechanism for container image imports allows cyberattackers to completely take over a Kubernetes pod to steal data and inject malware.

LastPass Cops to Massive Breach Including Customer Vault Data

The follow-on attack from August's source-code breach could fuel future campaigns against LastPass customers.

Videoconferencing Worries Grow, With SMBs in Cyberattack Crosshairs

Securing videoconferencing solutions is just one of many IT security challenges small businesses are facing, often with limited financial and human resources.

Google: With Cloud Comes APIs & Security Headaches

APIs are key to cloud transformation, but two Google surveys find that cyberattacks targeting them are reaching a tipping point, even as general cloud security issues abound.


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