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Cyberwire Daily Briefing.

"Pervasive OSINT and a shift toward a defensive advantage." Views expressed in this cybersecurity, cyber crime update are those of the reporters and correspondents.  Accessed on 05 November 2023, 1335 UTC. Content and Source: ("The Cyberwire Newsletter"). Please click link or scroll down to read your selections.  Thanks for joining us today. Russ Roberts ( SSUES V12 | Issue 211 | 11.3.23 Pervasive OSINT and a shift toward a defensive advantage. More evidence of OSINT's reach. An Apache vulnerability is being used to install ransomware. Exploitation of Citrix vulnerability in the wild. AP sustains DDoS attack. Microsoft draws a lesson from Russia's war: cyber defense now has the advantage over cyber offense. HHS reaches settlement in HIPAA data breach incident. V12 | Issue 210 | 11.2.23 Reaching consensus on AI governance. Bletchley Declaration represents a consen