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"Nasty regreSSHion bug in openSSH puts around 700K Linux boxes at risk."

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There will always be bad actors in the system. We can always learn from the drama they create Opinion Libraries. Hushed temples to the civilizing power of knowledge, or launchpads of global destruction? Yep, another word tech has borrowed and debased. Code libraries are essential for adding just the right standard tested functionality to a project. They're also a natural home for supply chain att


Jen Easterly hopes CSRB's Microsoft report won't impede future private sector collaboration CISA director Jen Easterly says the Cybersecurity Safety Review Board (CSRB) "is not afraid to say when something is amiss" in response to questions about fears around private sector collaboration following the board's scathing Microsoft report.…
Fasten your seat belts, secure your tray table, and try not to give away your passwords Australia’s Federal Police (AFP) has charged a man with running a fake Wi-Fi networks on at least one commercial flight and using it to harvest fliers’ credentials for email and social media services.…
Plus: US auto dealers still offline; Conti coders sanction; Rabbit R1 hardcoded API keys; and more security in brief It took a while, but Microsoft has told customers that the Russian criminals who compromised its systems earlier this year made off with even more emails than it first admitted. …



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