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"Microsoft banning Android Phones for staff in China."

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Monday, July 8, 2024


SecurityWeek Expert Insights

How Intelligence Sharing Can Help Keep Major Worldwide Sporting Events on Track - The Olympic Games is only 29 days long, so set up and take down is a very intense period, where the threat actors can take advantage. (Marc Solomon)

From the SOC to Everyday Success: Data-Driven Life Lessons from a Security Analyst - By taking a data-driven approach to life, grounded in truth and facts, we can improve our chances of making better decisions and achieving better results. (Joshua Goldfarb)

The Perilous Role of the CISO: Navigating Modern Minefields - As organizations grapple with the implications of cybersecurity on their bottom line and reputation, the question of whether the CISO role is worth the inherent risks looms large. (Jennifer Leggio)

Hacker Conversations: Chris Evans, Hacker and CISO

Hacker-Conversations image

Chris Evans, CISO and chief hacking officer at HackerOne, challenges the common perception of both hackers and their motivation.

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