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"Musk:  Apple intelligence is 'creepy spyware.'  Beware these free android vpns."

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PCMag Security Watch
'Apple Intelligence' Won't Send Your Data to Far-Flung Servers (for the Most Part)

Cupertino's new platform combines on-device processing and Private Cloud Compute servers 'to ensure that data is never retained or exposed.'

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Dozens of Free Android VPNs Could Expose Your IP Address, Contain Malware

Many free Android VPNs could come at the cost of your security and privacy, a new report says.

OpenAI Staffers Demand Right to Warn the Public About AI Dangers

Today's tech companies only have 'weak obligations' to share information about the risks of AI to world governments, according to a group of current and former OpenAI staffers.

Facebook Is a Hub for Animal Torture Videos, Where Crypto Buys Cruelty

An animal welfare group protests outside Meta's headquarters over its failure to remove monkey torture videos, some of which are commissioned by buyers on Telegram.

Adobe: Policy Update Meant to Stop Child Sexual Abuse Material, Not Steal Content

Adobe adds it will never assume ownership of a customer's work or train its AI on user data, following harsh backlash to the company's updated terms of use.

LastPass Blames 12-Hour Outage on Faulty Chrome Extension

LastPass users were unable to access their password vaults or log into their accounts.

Microsoft Makes Controversial Recall Feature Opt-In

The company also promises to encrypt user data recorded by Recall and tie access to Windows Hello, its secure login option that requires biometric or PIN authentication.

Sour Grapes? Elon Musk Says Apple Intelligence Is 'Creepy Spyware'

'It is neither Apple nor intelligent!' Musk tweeted. His primary gripe seems to be an OpenAI partnership that will bring ChatGPT to iPhones. But Musk isn't exactly an objective observer here.

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Hacks at Cloud Provider Snowflake May Have Targeted 165 Organizations
FBI Retrieves 7,000+ Lockbit Ransomware Decryption Keys
Frontier Communications Hack Ensnares 750,000 Customers, SSNs Stolen
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Forget Keys! Smart Locks Are the Way to Go
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