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The service, likely a rebrand of a previous operation called "Caffeine," mainly targets financial institutions in the Americas and EMEA and uses malicious QR codes and other advanced evasion tactics.

JUN 18, 2024

The US passenger rail giant said attackers used previously compromised credentials to crack accounts and access a freight train of personal data.
Threat actors were able to breach Blackbaud's systems and compromise sensitive data, largely because of the company's poor cybersecurity practices and lack of encrypted data, the AG said.
"ClearFake" and "ClickFix" attackers are tricking people into cutting and pasting malicious PowerShell scripts to infect their own machines with RATs and infostealers.
Microsoft last year described the threat actor — known as UNC3944, Scattered Spider, Scatter Swine, Octo Tempest, and 0ktapus — as one of the most dangerous current adversaries.
The company has emerged from stealth with an AI-powered platform designed to give organizations visibility into unmanaged data.

JUN 17, 2024

AI tools keep trying to take away all the fun jobs. Here are just a few reasons why cybersecurity folks (and others) should skip the writing cheats.
Accused of hacking into more than 45 companies in the US, a 22-year-old British man was arrested by Spanish police and found to be in control of more than $27 million in Bitcoin.
Pakistani hackers are spying (▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿) on the highly sensitive organizations in India by using emojis (Ծ_Ծ) as malicious commands (⚆ᗝ⚆) and the old Dirty Pipe Linux flaw.



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