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"Things aren't so Shiny (Hunters) at cloud provider Snowflake."

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Ep 2080 | 6.3.24

Things aren’t looking so Shiny(Hunters) at cloud provider Snowflake.

Signs point to a major cybersecurity event at cloud provider Snowflake. Hugging Face discloses "unauthorized access" to its Spaces platform. Australian legislation seeks jail time for deepfake porn. CISA adds two vulnerabilities to the KEV catalog. Spanish police investigate a potential breach of drivers license info. NSA shares mobile device best practices. Everbridge crisis management software company reports a data breach. N2K’s CSO, Chief Analyst, and Senior Fellow, Rick Howard joins us to preview CSO Perspectives Season 14 which launches today! Google tries to explain those weird AI search results.

Ep 2079 | 5.31.24

New cybersecurity bill aims to untangle federal regulations.

Draft legislation looks to streamline federal cybersecurity regulations. exposed personal information of business leaders and celebrities. Researchers find european politicians’ personal info for sale on the dark web. The BBC’s pension scheme suffers a breach. OpenAI disrupts covert influence operations making use of their platform. Hackers brick over 600,000 routers. Cracked copies of Microsoft office deliver a malware mix. A senator calls for accountability in the Change Healthcare ransomware attack. On our Industry Voices segment, we hear from SpyCloud’s Chip Witt, on navigating the threat of digital identity exposure. Florida man becomes Moscow’s fake-news puppet.

Ep 2078 | 5.30.24

Operation Endgame: Hackers' hideouts exposed.

Operation Endgame takes down malware operations around the globe. A major botnet operator is arrested. Ticketmaster’s massive data breach is confirmed, and so is Google’s SEO algorithm leak. Journalists and activists in Europe were targeted with Pegasus spyware. Okta warns users of credential stuffing attacks. NIST hopes to clear out the NVD backlog. On our Threat Vector segment, host David Moulton speaks with Greg Jones, Chief Information Security Officer at Xavier University of Louisiana. Eric Goldstein, Executive Assistant Director for Cybersecurity at CISA, joins us to discuss software security. LightSpy surveillance malware comes to macOS. ChatGPT briefly gets a god mode.

Ep 2077 | 5.29.24

Alleged leaked files expose a dirty secret.

An alleged leak of Google’s search algorithm contradicts the company’s public statements. German researchers discover a critical vulnerability in a TP-Link router. Breachforums is back…maybe. The Seattle Public Library suffers a ransomware attack. A Georgia man gets ten years for money laundering and romance scams, and the Treasury department sanctions a group of botnet operators. 44,000 individuals are affected by the breach of a major U.S. title insurance company. Microsoft describes North Korea’s Moonstone Sleet. Advocating for a more architectural approach to cybersecurity. Maria Varmazis speaks with WiCyS Executive Director Lynn Dohm and a panel of N2K experts about the 2024 Cyber Talent Study. A cracked password results in a multimillion dollar windfall.

Ep 2076 | 5.28.24

FBI untangles the web that is Scattered Spider.

The FBI untangles Scattered Spider. The RansomHub group puts a deadline on Christie’s. Prescription services warn customers of data breaches. Personal data from public sector workers in India is leaked online. Check Point says check your VPNs. The Internet Archive suffers DDoS attacks. A Minesweeper clone installs malicious scripts. N2K T-Minus Space Daily podcast host Maria Varmazis speaks with guest Carrie Hernandez Marshall, CEO and Co-Founder from Rebel Space Technologies, about the need to extend cybersecurity into space. If you can’t beat ‘em, troll ‘em.

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