"Fake Google Chrome errors trick you into running malicious PowerShell scripts."

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  • Chrome flare

Fake Google Chrome errors trick you into running malicious PowerShell scripts

  • A new malware distribution campaign uses fake Google Chrome, Word, and OneDrive errors to trick users into running malicious PowerShell "fixes" that install malware.

  • Panera

Panera Bread likely paid a ransom in March ransomware attack

  • Panera Bread, an American chain of fast food restaurants, most likely paid a ransom after being hit by a ransomware attack, suggests language used an internal email sent to employees.

  • Shop

Empire Market owners charged for enabling $430M in dark web transactions

  • Two men have been charged in a Chicago federal court for operating "Empire Market," a dark web marketplace that facilitated over $430 million in illegal transactions between February 2018 and August 2020.

  • hacker shh

Hackers use F5 BIG-IP malware to stealthily steal data for years

  • A group of suspected Chinese cyberespionage actors named 'Velvet Ant' are deploying custom malware on F5 BIG-IP appliances to gain a persistent connection to the internal network and steal data.

  • Spider

Alleged Scattered Spider sim-swapper arrested in Spain

  • A 22-year-old British national allegedly linked to the Scattered Spider hacking group and responsible for attacks on 45 U.S. companies has been arrested in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

  • Cybersecurity ethical hacking penetration testing

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  • ARM

New ARM 'TIKTAG' attack impacts Google Chrome, Linux systems

  • A new speculative execution attack named "TIKTAG" targets ARM's Memory Tagging Extension (MTE) to leak data with over a 95% chance of success, allowing hackers to bypass the security feature.

  • Hacker Cybersecurity

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  • Hacker Emoji

New Linux malware is controlled through emojis sent from Discord

  • A newly discovered Linux malware dubbed 'DISGOMOJI' uses the novel approach of utilizing emojis to execute commands on infected devices in attacks on government agencies in India.

  • ASUS

ASUS warns of critical remote authentication bypass on 7 routers

  • ASUS has released a new firmware update that addresses a vulnerability impacting seven router models that allow remote attackers to log in to devices.

  • Outlook

Microsoft: New Outlook security changes coming to personal accounts

  • Microsoft has announced new cybersecurity enhancements for Outlook personal email accounts as part of its 'Secure Future Initiative,' including the deprecation of basic authentication (username + password) by September 16, 2024.

  • Microsoft Azure

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  • Keytronic confirms data breach after ransomware gang leaks stolen files

Keytronic confirms data breach after ransomware gang leaks stolen files

  • PCBA manufacturing giant Keytronic is warning it suffered a data breach after the Black Basta ransomware gang leaked 530GB of the company's stolen data two weeks ago.

  • Firefox

Mozilla Firefox can now secure access to passwords with device credentials

  • Mozilla Firefox finally allows you to further protect local access to stored credentials in the browser's password manager using your device's login, including a password, fingerprint, pin, or other biometrics

  • Hospital

London hospitals cancel over 800 operations after ransomware attack

  • NHS England revealed today that multiple London hospitals impacted by last week's Synnovis ransomware attack were forced to cancel hundreds of planned operations and appointments.

  • Windows

CISA warns of Windows bug exploited in ransomware attacks

  • The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has added a high-severity Windows vulnerability abused in ransomware attacks as a zero-day to its catalog of actively exploited security bugs.

  • Hacker datacenter servers

Former IT employee gets 2.5 years for wiping 180 virtual servers

  • A former quality assurance employee of National Computer Systems (NCS) was sentenced to two years and eight months in prison for reportedly deleting 180 virtual servers after being fired.

  • Copilot Windows

Microsoft removes Copilot app ‘incorrectly’ added on Windows PCs

  • Microsoft says it removed a Copilot app that was "incorrectly" added to Windows 10 and Windows 11 systems in April due to buggy Microsoft Edge updates.

  • Spider

Scattered Spider hackers switch focus to cloud apps for data theft

  • The Scattered Spider gang has started to steal data from software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications and establish persistence through creating new virtual machines.



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