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MAY 17, 2024

Feds scoff at blockchain integrity while software bug said to have been at heart of the matter The US Department of Justice has booked two brothers on allegations that they exploited open source software used in the Ethereum blockchain world to bag $25 million (£20 million).…
Throw another healthcare biz on the barby, mate Australian prescriptions provider MediSecure is the latest healthcare org to fall victim to a ransomware attack, with crooks apparently stealing patients' personal and health data.…
TLDR: Peace in our time is really really hard Interview On Wednesday the FBI and international cops celebrated yet another cybercrime takedown – of ransomware brokerage site BreachForums – just a week after doxing and imposing sanctions on the LockBit ransomware crew's kingpin, and two months after compromising the gang's website.…

MAY 16, 2024

Spoiler alert: it's not really IT support controlling your device A cybercrime gang has been abusing Microsoft's Quick Assist application in social engineering attacks that ultimately allow the crew to infect victims with Black Basta ransomware.…
Has social media biz done enough to comply with Digital Services Act? Maybe not The European Commission has opened formal proceedings to assess whether Meta, the provider of Facebook and Instagram, may have breached the Digital Services Act (DSA) in areas linked to the protection of minors.…
Annual conference of cyber intel unit shows UK's alarm over China blaring louder than ever CyberUK Regular attendees of CYBERUK, the annual conference hosted by British intelligence unit the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), will know that in addition to the expect



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