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MAY 10, 2024

Dick O'Brien from Symantec Threat Hunter team is discussing their research on “Graph: Growing number of threats leveraging Microsoft API.” The team observed an increasing number of threats that have begun to leverage the Microsoft Graph API, usually to facilitate communications with command-and-control (C&C) infrastructure hosted on Microsoft cloud services. The research states "the technique was
Project Fortress looks to protect the US financial system. News from San Francisco as RSA Conference winds down. Dell warns customers of compromised data. Google updates Chrome after a zero day is exploited in the wild. Colleges in Quebec are disrupted by a cyberattack. CopyCop uses generative AI for misinformation. The FBI looks to snag members of Scattered Spider. Betsy Carmelite, Principal at B

MAY 9, 2024

Ascension healthcare shuts down systems following a cybersecurity event. Updates from RSA Conference. The FDA recalls an insulin pump app. Polish officials blame Russia for recent cyber attacks. IntelBroker claims to have compromised a pair of UK banks. New Mexico’s top cop accuses Meta of failing to protect kids. British Columbia reports "sophisticated cybersecurity incidents" on government netwo

MAY 8, 2024

In this episode of Threat Vector, host David Moulton, Director of Thought Leadership at Unit 42, discusses the challenges and opportunities of AI adoption with guest Mike Spisak, Managing Director of Proactive Security at Unit 42. They emphasize the importance of early security involvement in the AI development lifecycle and the crucial role of inventorying AI usage to tailor protection measures.
Bogdan Botezatu from Bitdefender is discussing research on "Audio deepfakes: Celebrity-endorsed giveaway scams and fraudulent investment opportunities flood social media platforms." Dave and Joe shares some follow up from listener Lara, who writes in to discuss a few topics regarding a previous episode. Joe's story is sharing a game changer in the social engineering world. Dave shares the story of
Barbara McQuade sits down to discuss her book "Attack from Within: How Disinformation is Sabotaging America," showing us how to identify the ways disinformation is seeping into all facets of our society and how we can fight against it. Ben discusses a fascinating case dealing with middleware and adversarial interoperability. Dave's got the story of a leak of Australian companies biometric data.
International law enforcement put a leash on a LockBit leader. Updates from RSA Conference, including our Man on the Street Rob Boyce, Managing Director at Accenture. TikTok sues the U.S. government. The Commerce Department restricts chip sales to Huawei. A third-party breach exposes payroll records of Britain’s armed forces. BogusBazaar operates over 75,000 fake webshops. Android security updates

MAY 7, 2024

On this week's episode of The Microsoft Threat Intelligence Podcast, Sherrod DeGrippo is joined by Thomas Roccia and Andres Freund. Andres stumbled upon a security issue within SSH while investigating performance discrepancies. He discovered a sophisticated backdoor, skillfully concealed within the LZMA library, part of the XZ package. Sherrod, Thomas, and Andres discuss the importance of proactiv
This week, get ready to laugh until it hurts because we might just have our funniest episode ever. Earthquakes and spreadsheets are the names of the game as we welcome Pam Cobb, the hilariously jet-lagged (for this episode, not permanently, folks!) Director of Content Security at Akamai. Join hosts Gianna and Maria as they dive into how Pam not only survives natural disasters but also thrives amid
Secretary Blinken and Senator Warner weigh in on cybersecurity at RSA Conference. Ransomware profits are falling. Proton Mail is under scrutiny for information sharing. A senior British lawmaker blames China for a UK cyberattack. Medstar Health notifies patients of a potential data breach. A study finds cybersecurity education programs across the U.S vary wildly. Brandon Karpf, N2K Man on the Stre
In this special edition of the CAVEAT newsletter, we are going to be taking a deeper look into Cameron Kerry’s new publication, Small Yards, Big Tents: How to Build Cooperation on Critical International Standards. Cameron Kerry, a distinguished fellow with the Brookings Institution, focuses on researching emerging technologies and the debate surrounding privacy.
In this episode, Perry sits down with award winning cybersecurity author, George Finney to discuss his recent book, Project Zero Trust. This is a broad discussion that hits on the concepts of Zero Trust, George's approach to writing the book, his passion for storytelling, and much more.


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