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"New military unit to enhance cyber warfare ability."

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New military unit to enhance cyber warfare ability

Air Force raises maximum amount for retention bonuses to $180,000

Gender, Lies and Betrayal – Exposing the Daily Maverick’s Covert Agenda

Defense tech startup Blue Halo makes lasers that shoot drones out of the sky. This is how it got the Army to buy them.

Thailand to launch cyber-command unit for digital defence

Will there be a fourth Taiwan Strait Crisis?

Sicher: A Comprehensive Overview of Security in the Digital Age – Free Article Submission Site List

Fears Russian 'space weapon' could be used for cyberwarfare and sabotage

‘Prewar Generation’: UK Tories Propose Mandatory National Service

Number of FPV drones on battlefield almost quadruples in past year - General Staff

Air Force Bumps Up Maximum Payout, Number of Career Fields Eligible for Reenlistment Bonus

Is New Bi-Partisan AI Bill Enough to Prevent Real-Life 'Rise of the Machines'?

Jacobs : Investor Presentation

‘Ready to serve’: ROTC grads commissioned as officers

AFU General Staff: 10 'trench electronic warfare' equipment already been certified, majority are Ukrainian-made

Inside the shady world of cyber weapons

Two Years Into the Russia-Ukraine Conflict: 10 Lessons We Can Learn

Chilling Chinese propaganda vid shows Taiwan blitzed by dozens of missiles as Beijing blockades island with ships & jets

Navigating complex security threats in a world of shadowy proxies


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