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"London Drugs closes all of its pharmacies following 'cybersecurity incident.'"

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Europe takes action after Facebook parent withdraws monitoring tool The European Commission has launched formal proceedings against Meta, alleging failure to properly monitor distribution by "foreign actors" of political misinformation before June's European elections.…


Infosec eggheads find iGiant left EU iOS 17 users open to being tracked around the web Apple's grudging accommodation of European antitrust rules by allowing third-party app stores on iPhones has left users of its Safari browser exposed to potential web activity tracking.…
Finance minister says government has interests in IT giant's 'sovereign activities' The French government has tabled an offer to buy key assets of ailing IT giant Atos after the company late last week almost doubled its estimate of the cash it will need to stay afloat in the near future.…
New laws mean vendors need to make clear how long you'll get updates too Smart device manufacturers will have to play by new rules in the UK as of today, with laws coming into force to make it more difficult for cybercriminals to break into hardware such as phones and tablets.…
Ad tech rewrite to replace web cookies still not to regulatory taste The UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) still has privacy and competition concerns about Google's Privacy Sandbox advertising toolkit, which explains why the ad giant recently again delayed its plan to drop third-party cookies in Chrome until 2025.…

APR 28, 2024

How SSH Communications Security cuts through the hype around Zero Trust to secure the connections that matter Sponsored Feature As business enters the 2020s, organizations find themselves protecting fast-expanding digital estates using security concepts that are decades old.…
ALSO: Infostealer spotted hiding in CDN cache, antivirus update hijacked to deliver virus, and some critical vulns Updated - Infosec in brief They say sunlight is the best disinfectant, and that appears to have been true in the case of Discord data harvesting site – as it was recently and swiftly dismantled after its existence and purpose became known.…



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