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PCMag Security Watch
Be Safe: Leave Your Logins to a Password Manager

Stop splashing your kid's birthday and your pets' names across the web. Our top-rated password managers help you create a unique, strong password for each of your online accounts and alert you of potential data leaks.

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Why You Need a Password Manager, and How to Choose the Right One

No one can remember every unique, strong password they need to navigate life online today. A password manager can help, and we'll show you how.

How to Switch to a New Password Manager

We've tested all the top contenders, and our guide makes switching to a better password manager simpler than you might think.

Beat the TikTok Ban With a VPN

Worried about the potential TikTok ban in the United States next year? These are the top VPNs for getting around it.

Apple Pulls 3 Generative AI Apps Being Used to Make Deepfake Nudes

Developers are reportedly promoting these apps via Instagram ads with taglines like 'undress any girl for free' and 'any clothing delete.'

Many Apple IDs Were Unexpectedly Reset Last Night

Apple hasn't commented and its System Status web page doesn't list any issues with any services.

Discord Takes Down Data-Scraping Site That Tracked, Spied On Users

A third-party surveillance tool tracked millions of Discord users across servers. Discord dismantles the site, but SpyPet's admin promises the tool will make a comeback.

Feds Try Breaking Into Song to Get People to Take Ransomware Seriously

A 'Cyber Schoolhouse Rock' jingle is just one tactic the government is taking to coax private industry into adopting security practices intended to help thwart ransomware.

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A Lot of People Are Falling for Those 'Your Package Cannot Be Delivered' Texts
Have One of These Video Doorbells? Update Your App Now to Avoid Snoops
RIP 'Admin'? UK Cracks Down on Weak, Default Passwords for IoT Devices
FBI to Online Daters: Watch Out for Verification Scams
These Are the Fastest VPNs We've Tested
A VPN Doesn't Have to Cost You a Penny
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