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"Ransomware group leaks data from UnitedHealth hack, demands more money."

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PCMag Security Watch
Ransomware Group Leaks Data From UnitedHealth Hack, Demands More Money

Ransomhub posts a portion of the data it allegedly stole to pressure UnitedHealth Group to pay up. But the company reportedly already paid $22 million to another group.

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What Is WireGuard and Do You Need It for Your VPN?

WireGuard is faster, lighter, and more secure than previous VPN encryption standards, but it has some drawbacks, too. We help you decide if the new security protocol is right for you.

Discord Users Are Being Tracked Through Data-Scraping Site

A third-party surveillance tool claims it's tracking millions of Discord users across servers. Discord tells PCMag it's investigating.

Russia May Be Behind Hack of Texas Water Facility

Google's cybersecurity firm Mandiant uncovers evidence linking the water facility incident to an infamous Russian state-sponsored hacking group called Sandworm.

Scammers Target LastPass Employee With CEO Audio Deepfake

The WhatsApp audio call used AI technology to impersonate LastPass CEO Karim Toubba.

Google Throws in the Towel on Its VPN

The company tells Google One users that the VPN perk will be discontinued later this year.

The Best Android Antivirus for 2024

More phones run Android than any other mobile OS, and there's a correspondingly large variety of malware. Based on our testing, these are the top Android antivirus apps for keeping your devices safe.

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Google Fires 28 Employees After Protests Over $1.2B Israeli Military Cloud Contract
First Third-Party iOS App Store Launches in Europe
Tesla Doesn't Want to Disclose How Many Harassment Cases It Faces
Low-Cost Carrier Visible Adds Annual Plans With Discounts for Travelers
The Best Free Antivirus Software for 2024
The 10 Best VPN Services for 2024
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