"Ransomware gang starts releasing alleged stolen Change Healthcare data."

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  • UnitedHealth Group UGH

Ransomware gang starts leaking alleged stolen Change Healthcare data

  • The RansomHub extortion gang has begun leaking what they claim is corporate and patient data stolen from United Health subsidiary Change Healthcare in what has been a long and convoluted extortion process for the company.

  • Hacker

New SteganoAmor attacks use steganography to target 320 orgs globally

  • A new campaign conducted by the TA558 hacking group is concealing malicious code inside images using steganography to deliver various malware tools onto targeted systems.

  • Exchange Online

Microsoft will limit Exchange Online bulk emails to fight spam

  • Microsoft has announced plans to fight spam by imposing a daily Exchange Online bulk email limit of 2,000 external recipients starting January 2025.

  • Bitcoin hacker

Crypto miner arrested for skipping on $3.5 million in cloud server bills

  • The U.S. Department of Justice has announced the arrest and indictment of Charles O. Parks III, known as "CP3O," for allegedly renting large numbers of cloud servers to conduct crypto mining and then skipping out on paying the bills.

  • Nexperia

Chipmaker Nexperia confirms breach after ransomware gang leaks data

  • Dutch chipmaker Nexperia confirmed late last week that hackers breached its network in March 2024 after a ransomware gang leaked samples of allegedly stolen data.

  • Omni Hotels

Daixin ransomware gang claims attack on Omni Hotels

  • The Daixin Team ransomware gang claimed a recent cyberattack on Omni Hotels & Resorts and is now threatening to publish customers' sensitive information if a ransom is not paid.

  • Cisco Duo

Cisco Duo warns third-party data breach exposed SMS MFA logs

  • Cisco Duo's security team warns that hackers stole some customers' VoIP and SMS logs for multi-factor authentication (MFA) messages in a cyberattack on their telephony provider.

  • palo alto networks

Palo Alto Networks fixes zero-day exploited to backdoor firewalls

  • Palo Alto Networks has started releasing hotfixes for a zero-day vulnerability that has been actively exploited since March 26th to backdoor PAN-OS firewalls.

  • Windows 11

Microsoft lifts Windows 11 block on some Intel systems after 2 years

  • Microsoft has finally lifted a compatibility hold blocking Windows 11 upgrades on systems with Intel 11th Gen Core processors and Intel Smart Sound Technology (SST) audio drivers.

  • Arduino

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  • OpenTable

OpenTable won't add first names, photos to old reviews after backlash

  • OpenTable has reversed its decision to show members' first names and profile pictures in past anonymous reviews after receiving backlash from members who felt it was a breach of privacy.

  • Medium bans AI-generated content from its paid Partner Program

Medium bans AI-generated content from its paid Partner Program

  • Medium is banning AI-generated content from its paid Partner program, notifying users that the new policy goes into effect on May 1, 2024.

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  • Police arrests hacker

Firebird RAT creator and seller arrested in the U.S. and Australia

  • A joint police operation between the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and the FBI has led to the arrest and charging of two individuals who are believed to be behind the development and distribution of the "Firebird" remote access trojan (RAT), later rebranded as "Hive."

  • Giant Tiger Canada

Hacker claims Giant Tiger data breach, leaks 2.8M records online

  • Canadian retail chain Giant Tiger disclosed a data breach in March 2024. A threat actor has now publicly claimed responsibility for the data breach and leaked 2.8 million records on a hacker forum that they claim are of Giant Tiger customers.

  • Hacker datacenter servers

Palo Alto Networks zero-day exploited since March to backdoor firewalls

  • Suspected state-sponsored hackers have been exploiting a zero-day vulnerability in Palo Alto Networks firewalls tracked as CVE-2024-3400 since March 26, using the compromised devices to breach internal networks, steal data and credentials.

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  • Royal Mail Barcoded Stamps

UK flooded with forged stamps despite using barcodes — to prevent just that

  • Royal Mail, the British postal and courier service began switching all snail mail stamps to barcoded stamps last year. The purpose of the barcode was to enhance security, deter stamp reuse, and possibly prevent forgeries—which it has failed to do.

  • Windows 11

Microsoft now testing app ads in Windows 11's Start menu

  • Microsoft has started testing ads in the Windows 11 Start menu, a new experiment the company says will help users find new "great" apps in the Microsoft Store.



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