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"Russian elections rocked by cyber attacks, drone strikes amidst Putin's firm grip."

Views expressed in this cybersecurity, cyber espionage update are those of the reporters and correspondents.  Accessed on 16 March 2024, 2145 UTC.

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Cyber warfare

Russian Elections Rocked by Cyber Attacks, Drone Strikes Amidst Putin's Firm Grip

Missile attack hits Belgorod on second day of Russian elections

VIP jet used by Royal Family was defenceless to Russian attack with 'signal blocked'

Azerbaijan standing target for cyber attacks during many years, says deputy minister

Azerbaijan subjected to cyber attacks in 2020 Karabakh war, says Turkish ambassador to Czech Republic

President Ilham Aliyev's re-election indicates people's trust in him, says Ana Birchall

Last Days of Julian Assange in the United States

Thailand: Tech-Driven Transformation Enhancing Quality of Life 

SBU blocks batch of drone and missile components destined for Russia

Russia using Ukraine as a cyberwar testing ground

Final day of XI Global Baku Forum to feature four panel discussions

VIP jet used by the Royal Family and RAF is left defenceless after it was denied electronic warfare protection in a ...

New Quality Combat Forces: More Than Meets The Eye

ALTIUS-700M hits all targets in successful test of largest loitering munition on the market

Pioneering Women: Redefining Military Leadership and Inspiring Generations

GUR cyber experts said behind malfunctions during Russian online voting

Anduril Tests Kamikaze Drone With Warhead Matching Hellfire Missile

RAF jet carrying Grant Shapps that had its GPS signals jammed by the Russians over the Baltic was not fitted with ...


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