"Hackers exploit Aiohttp bug to find vulnerable networks."

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  • Hacker

Hackers exploit Aiohttp bug to find vulnerable networks

  • The ransomware actor 'ShadowSyndicate' was observed scanning for servers vulnerable to CVE-2024-23334, a directory traversal vulnerability in the aiohttp Python library.

  • NordVPN

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  • IMF

International Monetary Fund email accounts hacked in cyberattack

  • The International Monetary Fund (IMF) disclosed a cyber incident on Friday after unknown attackers breached 11 IMF email accounts earlier this year.

  • McDonald's

McDonald's: Global outage was caused by "configuration change"

  • McDonald's has blamed a third-party service provider's configuration change, not a cyberattack, for the global outage that forced many of its fast-food restaurants to close.

  • Cryptocurrency

US moves to recover $2.3 million from "pig butchers" on Binance

  • The U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) is recovering $2.3 million worth of cryptocurrency linked to a "pig butchering" fraud scheme that victimized at least 37 people across the United States.

  • PornHub

PornHub now also blocks Texas over age verification laws

  • PornHub has now added Texas to its blocklist, preventing users in the state from accessing its site in protest of age verification laws.

  • Microsoft Office

Microsoft announces Office LTSC 2024 preview starting next month

  • Microsoft announced that Office LTSC 2024, the next Office LTSC release, will enter a commercial preview phase starting next month and will be generally available later this year.

  • Hacker prison

Admin of major stolen account marketplace gets 42 months in prison

  • Moldovan national Sandu Boris Diaconu has been sentenced to 42 months in prison for operating E-Root, a major online marketplace that sold access to hacked computers worldwide.

  • SIM Card

Former telecom manager admits to doing SIM swaps for $1,000

  • A former manager at a telecommunications company in New Jersey pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges for accepting money to perform unauthorized SIM swaps that enabled an accomplice to hack customer accounts.

  • McDonald's

McDonald's IT systems outage impacts restaurants worldwide

  • McDonald's restaurants are suffering global IT outages that prevent employees from taking orders and accepting payments, causing some stores to close for the day.

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  • Stop

StopCrypt: Most widely distributed ransomware evolves to evade detection

  • A new variant of StopCrypt ransomware (aka STOP) was spotted in the wild, employing a multi-stage execution process that involves shellcodes to evade security tools.

  • Smartphone SIM swapping

SIM swappers hijacking phone numbers in eSIM attacks

  • SIM swappers have adapted their attacks to steal a target's phone number by porting it into a new eSIM card, a digital SIM stored in a rewritable chip present on many recent smartphone models.

  • CompTIA

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  • FTC

Tech support firms Restoro, Reimage fined $26 million for scare tactics

  • Tech support companies Restoro and Reimage will pay $26 million to settle charges that they used scare tactics to trick their customers into paying for unnecessary computer repair services.

  • Google Chrome

Google Chrome gets real-time phishing protection later this month

  • Google will roll out a Safe Browsing update later this month that will provide real-time malware and phishing protection to all Chrome users, without compromising their browsing privacy.

  • frag-of-france

French unemployment agency data breach impacts 43 million people

  • France Travail, formerly known as Pôle Emploi, is warning that hackers breached its systems and may leak or exploit personal details of an estimated 43 million individuals.

  • Nissan

Nissan confirms ransomware attack exposed data of 100,000 people

  • Nissan Oceania is warning of a data breach impacting 100,000 people after suffering a cyberattack in December 2023 that was claimed by the Akira ransomware operation.

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