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"China infiltrates US critical infrastructure in ramp-up to conflict."

Views expressed in this cybersecurity, cyber crime update are those of the reporters and correspondents.  Accessed on 02 February 2024, 1530 UTC.

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Russ Roberts (https://www.hawaiicybersecurityjournal.net).

China Infiltrates US Critical Infrastructure in Ramp-up to Conflict
Threat actors linked to the People's Republic of China, such as Volt Typhoon, continue to "pre-position" themselves in the critical infrastructure of the United States, according to military and law enforcement officials.
Cloudflare Falls Victim to Okta Breach, Atlassian Systems Cracked
The cyberattackers, believed to be state sponsored, didn't get far into Cloudflare's global network, but not for lack of trying.
CISA Orders Ivanti VPN Appliances Disconnected: What to Do
US federal agencies have to disconnect, rebuild, and reconfigure all Ivanti Connect Secure and Policy Secure VPN appliances. This Tech Tip lists all the steps that need to happen.
FritzFrog Botnet Exploits Log4Shell on Overlooked Internal Hosts
Everyone knows to patch vulnerabilities for Internet-facing assets, but what about internal ones? One botnet is counting on your complacency.
Ukraine Military Targeted With Russian APT PowerShell Attack
The attack, associated with Shuckworm, employs TTPs observed in prior campaigns against the Ukrainian military, predominantly using PowerShell.
'Commando Cat' Is Second Campaign of the Year Targeting Docker
The threat actor behind the campaign is still unknown, but it shares some similarities with other cyptojacking groups.
3 ISIS Members Slapped With Sanctions From US Treasury
New sanctions aim to disrupt their cyber and financial operations.
CMMC Is the Starting Line, Not the Finish
Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) and a harden, detect, and respond mindset are key to protecting defense and critical infrastructure companies.
The Imperative for Robust Security Design in the Health Industry
It is imperative that healthcare and health-tech companies move beyond reactive measures and adopt a proactive stance in safeguarding sensitive patient information.
Fulton County Suffers Power Outages as Cyberattack Continues
County services have come to a halt and are not expected to resume until next week; no threat actor has yet been identified.

Recognizing Security as a Strategic Component of Business
In today's environments, security can be a revenue enabler, not just a cost center. Organizations should take advantage of the opportunities.

'Leaky Vessels' Cloud Bugs Allow Container Escapes Globally
The four security vulnerabilities are found in Docker and beyond, and one affecting runC affects essentially every cloud-native developer worldwide.

Top 3 Data Breaches of 2023, and What Lies Ahead in 2024
Take a look at last year's most impactful data breaches and what companies can do to protect themselves going forward.

More Ivanti VPN Zero-Days Fuel Attack Frenzy as Patches Finally Roll
Both China-backed APTs and ordinary cyberattackers have seized on a pair of Ivanti VPN bugs for global exploitation.

Time to Secure Cloud-Native Apps Is Now
While the challenges and risks associated with securing cloud-native environments are significant, with the right security measures and a focus on cybersecurity basics, organizations can effectively secure their cloud-native systems and development pipelines.

CISA Orders Ivanti VPN Appliances Disconnected: What to Do
US federal agencies have to disconnect, rebuild, and reconfigure all Ivanti Connect Secure and Policy Secure VPN appliances. This Tech Tip lists all the steps that need to happen.

Saudi Arabia Debuts 'Generative AI for All' Program
The initiative is aimed at promoting policy, ethics, and expansion of AI in the country.
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