"Key Trap attack:  Internet access disrupted with one DNS packet."

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Russ Roberts (

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  • World Internet Network

KeyTrap attack: Internet access disrupted with one DNS packet

  • A serious vulnerability named KeyTrap in the Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) feature could be exploited to deny internet access to applications for an extended period.

  • Google Chrome

New Google Chrome feature blocks attacks against home networks

  • Google is testing a new feature to prevent malicious public websites from pivoting through a user's browser to attack devices and services on internal, private networks.

  • Rosetta Stone

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  • Hacker

ALPHV ransomware claims loanDepot, Prudential Financial breaches

  • The ALPHV/Blackcat ransomware gang has claimed responsibility for the recent network breaches of Fortune 500 company Prudential Financial and mortgage lender loanDepot.

  • Wyze

Wyze investigating 'security issue' amid ongoing outage

  • Wyze Labs is investigating a security issue while experiencing a service outage that has been causing connectivity issues since this morning.

  • SolarWinds

SolarWinds fixes critical RCE bugs in access rights audit solution

  • SolarWinds has patched five remote code execution (RCE) flaws in its Access Rights Manager (ARM) solution, including three critical severity vulnerabilities that allow unauthenticated exploitation.

  • Servers

Alpha ransomware linked to NetWalker operation dismantled in 2021

  • Security researchers analyzing the Alpha ransomware payload and modus operandi discovered overlaps with the now-defunct Netwalker ransomware operation.

  • Yomix

North Korean hackers now launder stolen crypto via YoMix tumbler

  • The North Korean hacker collective Lazarus, infamous for having carried out numerous large-scale cryptocurrency heists over the years, has switched to using YoMix bitcoin mixer to launder stolen proceeds.

  • Cybersecurity ethical hacking penetration testing

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  • Hacker prison

Zeus, IcedID malware gangs leader pleads guilty, faces 40 years in prison

  • Ukrainian national Vyacheslav Igorevich Penchukov, one of the heads of the notorious JabberZeus cybercrime gang, has pleaded guilty to charges related to his leadership roles in the Zeus and IcedID malware groups.

  • Windows

Microsoft says it fixed a Windows Metadata server issue that’s still broken

  • Microsoft claims to have fixed Windows Metadata connection issues which continue to plague customers, causing problems for users trying to manage their printers and other hardware.

  • Excel

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  • Department of State

US offers up to $15 million for tips on ALPHV ransomware gang

  • The U.S. State Department is offering rewards of up to $10 million for information that could lead to the identification or location of ALPHV/Blackcat ransomware gang leaders.

  • Linux

RansomHouse gang automates VMware ESXi attacks with new MrAgent tool

  • The RansomHouse ransomware operation has created a new tool named 'MrAgent' that automates the deployment of its data encrypter across multiple VMware ESXi hypervisors.

  • Hackers ransomware

FBI disrupts Russian Moobot botnet infecting Ubiquiti routers

  • The FBI took down a botnet of small office/home office (SOHO) routers used by Russia's Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff (GRU) to proxy malicious traffic and to target the United States and its allies in spearphishing and credential theft attacks.

  • AI hacker security Artificial Intelligence

OpenAI blocks state-sponsored hackers from using ChatGPT

  • OpenAI has removed accounts used by state-sponsored threat groups from Iran, North Korea, China, and Russia, that were abusing its artificial intelligence chatbot, ChatGPT.

  • Ivanti

Over 13,000 Ivanti gateways vulnerable to actively exploited bugs

  • Thousands of Ivanti Connect Secure and Policy Secure endpoints remain vulnerable to multiple security issues first disclosed more than a month ago and which the vendor gradually patched.

  • Three critical application security flaws scanners canĂ¢€™t detect

Three critical application security flaws scanners can’t detect

  • In this article, Outpost24 explains three key limitations of automated vulnerability scanners, emphasizing the significance of manual pen testing in enhancing security.

  • Hackers ransomware

Turla hackers backdoor NGOs with new TinyTurla-NG malware

  • Security researchers have identified and analyzed new malware they call TinyTurla-NG and TurlaPower-NG used by the Russian hacker group Turla to maintain access to a target's network and to steal sensitive data.


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