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"BreachForums boss busted for bond blunders-including use of a VPN."

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Ukrainian authorities revealed that Russia-linked APT Sandworm had been inside telecom giant Kyivstar at least since May 2023. Russia-linked APT group Sandworm was inside Ukrainian telecoms giant Kyivstar from at least May 2023, the head of Ukraine’s Security Service of Ukraine’s (SBU) told Reuters. “This attack is a big message, a big warning, not only to Ukraine, but for the whole Western world
A crypto wallet service co-founder shares with the world his agony after losing $125,000 to a crypto scam. The startup CEO, who at the time believed he was on a legitimate cryptocurrency airdrop website, realized after his loss that the domain he'd went on was setup for the purposes of phishing unsuspecting users. [...]
The DNA testing company 23andMe has had a rough few months – first reported in October that data had been breached – and now, the response to those breaches due to customers taking legal action against the company. In an almost bizarre twist, 23andMe has stated in a lette r that plaintiffs who had moved to take legal action against the company under the California Privacy Rights Act (CRPA) were i
The MyEstatePoint Property Search app leaked data on nearly half a million of its users, exposing their names and plain-text passwords, the Cybernews research team has found. The all-in-one real estate app MyEstatePoint Property Search left a publicly accessible MongoDB server containing the sensitive details of its app users. The app, developed by NJ Technologies, an India-based software develop
Picture this: you stumble upon a concealed secret within your company's source code. Instantly, a wave of panic hits as you grasp the possible consequences. This one hidden secret has the power to pave the way for unauthorized entry, data breaches, and a damaged reputation. Understanding the secret is just the beginning; swift and resolute action becomes imperative. However, lacking the


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