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"Third Ivanti vulnerability exploited in the wild...."

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Russ Roberts (https://www.hawaiicybersecurityjournal.net).

Third Ivanti Vulnerability Exploited in the Wild, CISA Reports
Though reports say this latest Ivanti bug is being exploited, it's unclear exactly how threat actors are using it.
Ransomware Actor Uses TeamViewer to Gain Initial Access to Networks
Attackers have increasingly leveraged the widely used remote access tool, installed on hundreds of millions of endpoints, to break into victim environments.
Massive Data Breach at VF Hits 35M Vans, Retail Customers
A month on from a retail conglomerate's data breach, it's still not clear exactly what the hackers stole, but impacted brands include Dickies, Northface, Timberland, Vans, and more.
CISOs Struggle for C-Suite Status Even as Expectations Skyrocket
An IANS survey shows that CISOs shoulder more and more legal and regulatory liability for data breaches, but few are getting the recognition or support they need.
Microsoft: Iran's Mint Sandstorm APT Blasts Educators, Researchers
The Charming Kitten-related cyber-espionage group is posing as legitimate journalists and researchers to get intel on the Israel-Hamas war.
iPhone, Android Ambient Light Sensors Allow Stealthy Spying
Ambient light sensors on smart-device screens can effectively be turned into a camera, opening up yet another path to snooping on unwitting victims.
Missing the Cybersecurity Mark With the Essential Eight
Australia's Essential Eight Maturity Model still doesn't address key factors needed to protect today's cloud and SaaS environments.
CISA's Road Map: Charting a Course for Trustworthy AI Development
The agency aims to build a more robust cybersecurity posture for the nation.
Google: Russia's ColdRiver APT Unleashes Custom 'Spica' Malware
Just in time for the US election season, one of the Kremlin's favorite hack-and-leak spy groups — Star Blizzard — has developed its very first custom backdoor.

Citrix Discovers 2 Vulnerabilities, Both Exploited in the Wild
These vulnerabilities are the second and third for Citrix but are not expected to be as detrimental as "CitrixBleed."

Building AI That Respects Our Privacy
Until laws can move at the speed of innovation, we'll see a discrepancy between the protections offered and the risks associated with technology.

Google: Russia's ColdRiver APT Unleashes Custom 'Spica' Malware
Just in time for the US election season, one of the Kremlin's favorite hack-and-leak spy groups — Star Blizzard — has developed its very first custom backdoor.

Top 3 Priorities for CISOs in 2024
A changing regulatory and enforcement environment means the smart CISO might need to shift how they work this year.

First Step in Securing AI/ML Tools Is Locating Them
Security teams need to start factoring for these tools when thinking about the software supply chain. After all, they can't protect what they don't know they have.

Nigerian Businesses Face Growing Ransomware-as-a-Service Trade
Infosec advocacy group warns that poor patching practices and reliance on cracked software increases risk.
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