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"Global software supply chain security guidance and regulations."

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CSO UK First Look

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January 10, 2024

Roundup: Global software supply chain security guidance and regulations

Software suppliers and consumers alike will increasingly need to be familiar with global requirements and regulations designed to mitigate software supply chain attacks.
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Image: Sponsored by Hack the Box: Hack The Box named leader in Cybersecurity Skills and Training Platforms

Sponsored by Hack the Box: Hack The Box named leader in Cybersecurity Skills and Training Platforms

Forrester named Hack The Box a global leader in Cybersecurity Skills and Training Platforms, indicating 'Firms in need of an engaging, cost-effective platform with a supportive and integrated community should seek out Hack The Box'. Get FREE, ungated access to the full Forrester Wave report.
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The Teixeira leak: an ignoble betrayal of trust and an avoidable security failure

A recent report on the leak of classified military documents by a young US Air Force cyber specialist reveals how easily trust can be broken.
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Shadow APIs are opening organizations to attacks: Report

Organizations are either failing to fully defend themselves or are relying on incomplete protection of APIs without real-time visibility
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Enterprises with Kyocera printers open to path traversal attacks

Path traversal attacks can be carried out using an input validation bug in the Kyocera device manager application.
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Protecting Windows networks: Get back to basics for the new year

While it may be tempting to adopt new Microsoft Windows network protection tactics, methods, and software, a better approach is to review and refine what’s already in place.
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Submit now: CSO Hall of Fame nominations open for first time

The CSO Hall of Fame is accepting nominations for the first time to honor exceptional security leaders with at least 10 years of executive experience.
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