"Mortgage LoanDepot cyberattack impacts IT systems, payment portal."

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Mortgage firm loanDepot cyberattack impacts IT systems, payment portal

  • U.S. mortgage lender loanDepot has suffered a cyberattack that caused the company to take IT systems offline, preventing online payments against loans.

  • Hacker AI cybersecurity Artificial Intelligence

Stealthy AsyncRAT malware attacks targets US infrastructure for 11 months

  • A campaign delivering the AsyncRAT malware to select targets has been active for at least the past 11 months, using hundreds of unique loader samples and more than 100 domains.

  • Kyber Quantum

KyberSlash attacks put quantum encryption projects at risk

  • Multiple implementations of the Kyber key encapsulation mechanism for quantum-safe encryption, are vulnerable to a set of flaws collectively referred to as KyberSlash, which could allow the recovery of secret keys.

  • Cybersecurity

Start a new career with $100 off an ethical hacking bootcamp course

  • Malicious actors need to be beaten to the punch. Start the new year by learning how you can use hacking for ethical purposes across these 11 courses for $39.97, $103 off the $143 MSRP.

    • JANUARY 07, 2024
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  • Google Chrome

Google: Malware abusing API is standard token theft, not an API issue

  • Google is downplaying reports of malware abusing an undocumented Google Chrome API to generate new authentication cookies when previously stolen ones have expired.

  • Twitter X logo flare

X users fed up with constant stream of malicious crypto ads

  • Cybercriminals are abusing X advertisements to promote websites that lead to crypto drainers, fake airdrops, and other scams.

  • Microsoft Office

Start the new year organized with $220 off Microsoft Project and Visio

  • Get Microsoft Project 2021 Professional and Microsoft Visio 2021 Professional for $29.99 (reg. $249) in this StackCommerce deal.

    • JANUARY 06, 2024
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  • Key Decryptor bright

The Week in Ransomware - January 5th 2024 - Secret decryptors

  • With it being the first week of the New Year and some still away on vacation, it has been slow with ransomware news, attacks, and new information.

  • Police arrest

US charged 19 suspects linked to xDedic cybercrime marketplace

  • The U.S. Department of Justice announced the end of a transnational investigation into the dark web xDedic cybercrime marketplace, charging 19 suspects for their involvement in running and using the market's services.

  • Arrested handcuffs

BreachForums admin jailed again for using a VPN, unmonitored PC

  • The administrator behind the notorious BreachForums hacking forum has been arrested again for breaking pretrial release conditions, including using an unmonitored computer and a VPN.

  • Hacker Vulnerability

Hackers target Apache RocketMQ servers vulnerable to RCE attacks

  • Security researchers are detecting hundreds of IP addresses on a daily basis that scan or attempt to exploit Apache RocketMQ services vulnerable to a remote command execution flaw identified as CVE-2023-33246 and CVE-2023-37582.

  • Hackers cryptocurrency

Web3 security firm CertiK's X account hacked to push crypto drainer

  • The Twitter/X account of blockchain security firm CertiK was hijacked today to redirect the company's more than 343,000 followers to a malicious website pushing a cryptocurrency wallet drainer.

  • Memorial University

Memorial University recovers from cyberattack, delays semester start

  • The Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN) continues to deal with the effects of a cyberattack that occurred in late December and postponed the start of classes in one campus.

  • Hacker

Update your white hat hacking skills with $70 off this training bundle

  • Aggressively pursuing flaws and problems is the most effective way to ensure networks and data are secure. This 10-course ethical hacking bundle shows you how for $39.99, $70 off the $110 MSRP.

    • JANUARY 05, 2024
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  • Casino Hacker Crypto

Crypto wallet founder loses $125,000 to fake airdrop website

  • A crypto wallet service co-founder shares with the world his agony after losing $125,000 to a crypto scam. The startup CEO, who at the time believed he was on a legitimate cryptocurrency airdrop website, realized after his loss that the domain he'd went on was setup for the purposes of phishing unsuspecting users.

  • Ivanti

Ivanti warns critical EPM bug lets hackers hijack enrolled devices

  • Ivanti fixed a critical remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability in its Endpoint Management software (EPM) that can let unauthenticated attackers hijack enrolled devices or the core server.

  • Hacker datacenter servers

Russian hackers wiped thousands of systems in KyivStar attack

  • The Russian hackers behind a December breach of Kyivstar, Ukraine's largest telecommunications service provider, have wiped all systems on the telecom operator's core network.

  • NIST

Save $120 on this NIST cybersecurity risk management training

  • Risk management is a core discipline in both cybersecurity and general IT. This 26-hour course shows you what it is and how to use it for $39.99, $120 off the $160 MSRP.

    • JANUARY 04, 2024
    • 02:11 PM
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  • Twitter X rebranding

Hackers hijack govt and business accounts on X for crypto scams

  • Hackers are increasingly targeting verified accounts on X (formerly Twitter) belonging to government and business profiles and marked with 'gold' and 'grey' checkmarks to promote cryptocurrency scams, phishing sites, and sites with crypto drainers.

  • Zeppelin

Zeppelin ransomware source code sold for $500 on hacking forum

  • A threat actor announced on a cybercrime forum that they sold the source code and a cracked version of the Zeppelin ransomware builder for just $500.



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