"The law enforcement operations targeting cybercrime in 2023."

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  • Police arrest

The law enforcement operations targeting cybercrime in 2023

  • In 2023, we saw numerous law enforcement operations targeting cybercrime operations, including cryptocurrency scams, phishing attacks, credential theft, malware development, and ransomware attacks.

  • 2023

The biggest cybersecurity and cyberattack stories of 2023

  • 2023 was a big year for cybersecurity, with significant cyberattacks, data breaches, new threat groups emerging, and, of course, zero-day vulnerabilities.

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  • Data leak

Android game dev’s Google Drive misconfig highlights cloud security risks

  • Japanese game developer Ateam has proven that a simple Google Drive configuration mistake can result in the potential but unlikely exposure of sensitive information for nearly one million people over a period of six years and eight months.

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  • Key Decryptor Unlock

New Black Basta decryptor exploits ransomware flaw to recover files

  • Researchers have created a decryptor that exploits a flaw in Black Basta ransomware, allowing victims to recover their files for free.

  • Security Cybersecurity

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    • DECEMBER 30, 2023
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  • LockBit

The Week in Ransomware - December 29th 2023 - LockBit targets hospitals

  • It's been a quiet week, with even threat actors appearing to take some time off for the holidays. We did not see much research released on ransomware this week, with most of the news focusing on new attacks and LockBit affiliates increasingly targeting hospitals.

  • Hospital cyberattack

Hospitals ask courts to force cloud storage firm to return stolen data

  • Two not-for-profit hospitals in New York are seeking a court order to retrieve data stolen in an August ransomware attack that's now stored on the servers of a Boston cloud storage company.

  • Google

Malware abuses Google OAuth endpoint to ‘revive’ cookies, hijack accounts

  • Multiple information-stealing malware families are abusing an undocumented Google OAuth endpoint named "MultiLogin" to restore expired authentication cookies and log into users' accounts, even if an account's password was reset.

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  • Steam

Steam game mod breached to push password-stealing malware

  • Downfall, a fan expansion for the popular Slay the Spire indie strategy game, was breached on Christmas Day to push Epsilon information stealer malware using the Steam update system.

  • Eagers Automotive

Eagers Automotive halts trading in response to cyberattack

  • Eagers Automotive has announced it suffered a cyberattack and was forced to halt trading on the stock exchange as it evaluates the impact of the incident.

  • EasyPark

EasyPark discloses data breach that may impact millions of users

  • Parking app developer EasyPark has published a notice on its website warning of a data breach it discovered on December 10, 2023, which impacts an unknown number of its millions of users.

  • Password cybersecurity mobile

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  • Windows

Microsoft disables MSIX protocol handler abused in malware attacks

  • Microsoft has again disabled the MSIX ms-appinstaller protocol handler after multiple financially motivated threat groups abused it to infect Windows users with malware.

  • Kroll

Kroll reveals FTX customer info exposed in August data breach

  • Risk and financial advisory company Kroll has released additional details regarding the August data breach, which exposed the personal information of FTX bankruptcy claimants.

  • Russian hacker

Russian military hackers target Ukraine with new MASEPIE malware

  • Ukraine's Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) is warning of a new phishing campaign that allowed Russia-linked hackers to deploy previously unseen malware on a network in under one hour.

  • Hacker

Apache OFBiz RCE flaw exploited to find vulnerable Confluence servers

  • A critical Apache OFBiz pre-authentication remote code execution vulnerability is being actively exploited using public proof of concept (PoC) exploits.



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