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"Ukraine at D+658:  Maximalist rhetoric from the Kremlin."

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Seth Blank, CTO of Valimail, joins to discuss the implications on email security on behalf of DMARC. Joe and Dave share some follow up regarding Meta, who is the parent company to Facebook and Instagram, and how they are now in a lawsuit over steering predators to children in New Mexico. Joe shares how he was almost hacked, as scammers used Peacock to lure him in. Dave's story continues with popul
Larry Whiteside Jr. from RegScale and Cyversity is sharing ways increasing diversity can benefit boards, companies, and industries at large, as well as challenges with attracting and retaining cybersecurity talent. Ben has an update on the first geofence warrant case to make it to the Federal Court of Appeals. Dave's got a rundown of upcoming Supreme Court cases that may affect social media platfo
The UK faces a looming threat of a catastrophic ransomware attack. The Senate confirms a new National Cyber Director. The rivalry between malware groups BatLoader and FakeBat. BazarCall phishing attack and its unusual use of Google Forms. A serious vulnerability threatens K-12 student data. Spiderman game developer Insomniac Games becomes the latest ransomware victim. Today’s guest is Tim Starks f
BatLoader and FakeBat. Holiday fraud services for sale in the C2C market. BazarCall phishes with Google Forms. Gangland marketing. Vulnerability could expose K-12 student location data. API and app security attacks. An assessment of access to AI models. Update: Russian cyberattacks against Ukraine's largriskest ISP. Update: Ukrainian cyberattacks on the Russian Federal Tax Service. Iran's parliame


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