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"Small, medium, and large phishing trends of 2023." 

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Mike Price from ZeroFox sits down to discuss what 2023 phishing trends mean for the broader industry as we quickly approach 2024. Dave and Joe share a serious write in from listener Michelle who shares her pleads for her aunt, who she believes is being catfished. Listener Marc also writes in with an email that claims to be from "Walmart," that he is quite suspicious of. Joe's story follows Meta, a
Michael Barnhart from Mandiant sits down to talk about the evolution of North Korea's cyber program. Ben's story discusses a preliminary injunction against a Montana law banning TikTok. Dave's got the story of a college student frustrated with his lack of privacy on campus.
Governments target push notification metadata. Dissecting the latest GRU cyber activities. A look at Russia's AI-powered Doppelgänger influence campaigns, and how cyber warfare is evolving beyond the battlefield. We've got updates on the Adobe ColdFusion vulnerability, the expanding 23andMe data breach, and insights into the financial impacts of ransomware. Our guest is Camille Stewart Gloster, De
CISA warns of Adobe ColdFusion exploitation. 23andMe data incident increases in scope. Process injection techniques bypass defenses. Sensitive data stored in Google Drives. Average losses to ransomware attacks. A snapshot of the state of DevSecOps. The current state of LockBit's criminal operations. Threats to manufacturing. Cyber phases of hybrid wars spread beyond the theaters of operation.

DEC 5, 2023

The UK Government's denial of a cyber incident at Sellafield. There’s been a surge in Iranian cyberattacks on US infrastructure. Misuse of Apple's lockdown mode, the mysterious AeroBlade's activities in aerospace, and a clever "Disney+" scam. Plus The latest application security trends, and a new cybersecurity futures study. In our Industry Voices segment, we welcome Matt Radolec, Vice President o
Reports of more Iranian cyberattacks against US infrastructure. HM Government denies reports of cyber incident at Sellafield nuclear site. GRU activity against European and North American targets described. Russia's Doppelgänger influence operators experiment with AI.Apple lockdown mode in the service of fraud. AeroBlade prospects US aerospace industry. "Disney+" scam. Establishing persistence in


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