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"Chinese hackers deliver malware to Barracuda e-mail security appliances via new zero-day."

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SecurityWeek News Briefing | Wednesday, December 27, 2023

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SecurityWeek Expert Insights

Every “Thing” Everywhere All at Once - Every asset in an organization’s inventory that is not accounted for and protected is a potential attack vector that an attacker can use to gain access or move undetected. (Danelle Au)

Beyond the Noise: Appreciating the Quiet Work of Effective Doers - More often than not, we are grateful for and celebrate the wrong people. It is incumbent on all of us to take the time to appreciate and acknowledge the doers in our lives. (Joshua Goldfarb)

Outside the Comfort Zone: Why a Change in Mindset is Crucial for Better Network Security - Stepping outside the confines of our comfort zone and embracing a mindset that prioritizes adaptability, shared responsibility, risk-awareness, and preparedness is indispensable in fortifying defenses in the modern distributed network. (Matt Wilson)

Burn and Churn: CISOs and the Role of Cybersecurity Automation - Organizations need to listen to their CISOs and start turning to cybersecurity automation for the qualitative benefits of employee satisfaction and well-being. (Marc Solomon)

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