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"Iran threatens Israel's critical infrastructure with 'polonium' proxy."

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Accessed on 08 December 2023, 1431 UTC.

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Russ Roberts (https://www.hawaiicybersecurityjournal.net).

Iran Threatens Israel's Critical Infrastructure With 'Polonium' Proxy
Cyber mimics life, as Iran uses Lebanese hackers to attack its bĂȘte noire.
Russia's 'Star Blizzard' APT Upgrades its Stealth, Only to Be Unmasked Again
A state-sponsored Scooby Doo villain has once again been thwarted by those meddling researchers.
Researchers Show How to Use One LLM to Jailbreak Another
"Tree of Attacks With Pruning" is the latest in a growing string of methods for eliciting unintended behavior from a large language model.
Medical Imaging Patients Exposed in Cyber Incident
Unauthorized actors accessed patient information, including exam and procedure details, scans, and Social Security numbers.
Proxy Trojan Targets macOS Users for Traffic Redirection
Apple users who end up with the Trojan on their machines face a number of bad outcomes, including potential criminal liability.
Ransomware, Data Breaches Inundate OT & Industrial Sector
Because of the criticality of remaining operational, industrial companies and utilities are far more likely to pay, attracting even more threat groups and a focus on OT systems.
'HeadCrab' Malware Variants Commandeer Thousands of Servers
New techniques in a second variant of the malware improved functionality and communication commands.
Krasue RAT Uses Cross-Kernel Linux Rootkit to Attack Telecoms
A stealthy malware is infecting the systems of telecoms and other verticals in Thailand, remaining under the radar for two years after its code first appeared on VirusTotal.
As SAT Goes Digital, Schools Must Prepare for Disruption
Local school districts nationwide need to ensure the basic security and readiness of their network infrastructure before spring 2024.
4 Metrics That Help CISOs Become Strategic Partners With the Board
To demonstrate the CISO role's value, frame your work using metrics that align with the most critical parts of every business: risk, growth, expenses, and people.
(Sponsored Article) Ragnar Locker Takedown Alone Won't Stop Ransomware Growth, but Here's What Will
Companies must ask how at risk they are and how limited their operations would be after a cyberattack, then address gaps to make paying ransomware less necessary.
Critical Bluetooth Flaw Exposes Android, Apple & Linux Devices to Takeover
Various devices remain vulnerable to the bug, which has existed without notice for years and allows an attacker to control devices as if from a Bluetooth keyboard.

Strategy, Harmony & Research: Triaging Priorities for OT Cybersecurity
Despite a focus on the future, there's no indication of how well the cybersecurity basics needed to stay safe are being applied.

Patch Now: Critical Atlassian Bugs Endanger Enterprise Apps
Four RCE vulnerabilities in Confluence, Jira, and other platforms, allow instance takeover and environment infestation.

Microsoft Is Getting a New 'Outsider' CISO
Igor Tsyganskiy inherits the high-profile CISO spot in Redmond, while his predecessor, Bret Arsenault, is named chief security adviser.

Human-Centric Security Model Meets People Where They Are
Instead of fighting workarounds that compromise security, a human-centered system fixes the process issues that prompt people to work dangerously.

Dragos Expands Defense Program for Small Utilities
The Dragos Community Defense Program provides small water, gas, and electric utilities with access to the Dragos Platform, training resources, and threat intelligence.

Hackers Claim to Breach Israeli Defense Force Medical Data
The Malek Team, which previously hit a private college in Israel, claims responsibility for a hack of Israel's Ziv Medical Center.
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