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"Surviving the cyber arms race in the age of generated AI."

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CSO UK First Look

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December 18, 2023

Surviving the cyber arms race in the age of generative AI

The next few years will see AI tip the scales back and forth between threat actors and security teams protecting the enterprise. Collaboration with government is key to the tech industry coming out ahead.
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Cloud squatting: How attackers can use deleted cloud assets against you

Deleting unneeded cloud assets but not the records that point to them can allow attacker to exploit your subdomains.
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Visa debuts AI-based token fraud prevention product

Visa’s newest security piece applies AI to customer transactions, analyzing them for their probability of fraud.
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Apache Struts 2 vulnerability discovered, as proof of concept circulates

A new vulnerability found in the Apache Struts 2 framework has received a critical severity rating from NIST’s national database.
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AI enters production systems even as ‘trust’ emerges as a growing concern

Almost four-fifths of the surveyed organizations had already adopted AI in their production, with only a few still testing the technology.
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How the EU AI Act regulates artificial intelligence: What it means for cybersecurity

Critical infrastructure and other high-risk organizations will need to do AI risk assessments and adhere to cybersecurity standards.
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UK government vulnerable to ‘catastrophic ransomware’ attack: Report

Outdated infrastructure coupled with poor planning is making the UK government vulnerable to a major cyberattack, according to a parliamentary committee report.
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