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"Deep fakes emerge as a top security threat ahead of 2024 U.S. election."

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December 06, 2023

Deepfakes emerge as a top security threat ahead of the 2024 US election

As the US enters a critical election year, AI-generated threats, particularly deepfakes, are emerging as a top security issue, with no reliable tools yet in place to combat them.
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Image: Sponsored by Opentext: Want to get AI right? Start by getting your data right.

Sponsored by Opentext: Want to get AI right? Start by getting your data right.

There's no hotter topic than AI. But success depends on generating clean, accurate, and timely data for AI algorithms to elicit actionable insights.
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How cybersecurity teams should prepare for geopolitical crisis spillover

CISOs can anticipate and prepare for cyberattacks conducted by participants in geopolitical conflict such as the Israel/Hamas war by understanding the threat actors' motivations and goals.
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Proactive, not reactive: the path to ensuring operational resilience in cybersecurity

The experience of the financial sector in dealing with threats is instructive to anyone in the cybersecurity space — there’s no substitute for getting out ahead of potential risks and problems.
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4 budget-savvy strategies for building an effective purple team

Building a purple team is not only for organizations with a generous budget. From the shoestring one-person operation harnessing open-source power to the well-oiled machine of a comprehensive team, organizations of all sizes have a pathway to heightened, collaborative security.
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Is China waging a cyber war with Taiwan?

Nation-state hacking groups based in China have sharply ramped up cyberattacks against Taiwan this year, according to multiple reports.
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Apple patches info-stealing, zero day bugs in iPads and Macs

The vulnerabilities that can allow the leaking of sensitive information and enable arbitrary code execution have had exploitations in the wild.
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