"AutoSpill attack steals credentials from Android password managers."

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AutoSpill attack steals credentials from Android password managers

  • Security researchers developed a new attack, which they named AutoSpill, to steal account credentials on Android during the autofill operation.

  • Hospital cyberattack

Norton Healthcare discloses data breach after May ransomware attack

  • Kentucky health system Norton Healthcare has confirmed that a ransomware attack in May exposed personal information belonging to patients, employees, and dependents.

  • Google Drive

Google shares “fix” for deleted Google Drive files

  • Google says it identified and fixed a bug causing customer files added to Google Drive after April-May 2023 to disappear. However, the fix isn't working for all affected users.

  • Outlook

Microsoft: Outlook email sending issues for users with lots of folders

  • Microsoft has acknowledged a new issue affecting Outlook for Microsoft 365 users and causing email-sending problems for those with too many nested folders.

  • BlackCat ALPHV

ALPHV ransomware site outage rumored to be caused by law enforcement

  • A law enforcement operation is rumored to be behind an outage affecting ALPHV ransomware gang's websites over the last 30 hours.

  • Hacker datacenter servers

Privilege elevation exploits used in over 50% of insider attacks

  • Elevation of privilege flaws are the most common vulnerability leveraged by corporate insiders when conducting unauthorized activities on networks, whether for malicious purposes or by downloading risky tools in a dangerous manner.

  • Amazon

Amazon sues REKK fraud gang that stole millions in illicit refunds

  • Amazon's Customer Protection and Enforcement team has taken legal action against an underground store refund scheme that has resulted in the theft of millions of dollars worth of products from Amazon's online platforms.

  • 5Ghoul

New 5Ghoul attack impacts 5G phones with Qualcomm, MediaTek chips

  • A new set of vulnerabilities in 5G modems by Qualcomm and MediaTek, collectively called "5Ghoul," impact 710 5G smartphone models from Google partners (Android) and Apple, routers, and USB modems.

  • Russian hackers

Russian military hackers target NATO fast reaction corps

  • Russian APT28 military hackers used Microsoft Outlook zero-day exploits to target multiple European NATO member countries, including a NATO Rapid Deployable Corps.

  • 23andMe

23andMe updates user agreement to prevent data breach lawsuits

  • As Genetic testing provider 23andMe faces multiple lawsuits for an October credential stuffing attack that led to the theft of customer data, the company has modified its Terms of Use to make it harder to sue the company.

  • Windows 11

Windows 11 Notepad gets a built-in character counter, finally

  • Microsoft keeps improving and adding more features to the Windows 11 Notepad application, the latest being a built-in character counter.

  • WordPress

WordPress fixes POP chain exposing websites to RCE attacks

  • WordPress has released version 6.4.2 that addresses a remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability that could be chained with another flaw to allow attackers run arbitrary PHP code on the target website.

  • Hacker crypto bitcoin

Russian pleads guilty to running crypto-exchange used by ransomware gangs

  • Russian national Anatoly Legkodymov pleaded guilty to operating the Bitzlato cryptocurrency exchange that helped ransomware gangs and other cybercriminals launder over $700 million.

  • Russian hacker

UK and allies expose Russian FSB hacking group, sanction members

  • The UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and Microsoft warn that the Russian state-backed actor "Callisto Group" (aka "Seaborgium" or "Star Blizzard") is targeting organizations worldwide with spear-phishing campaigns used to steal account credentials and data.

  • Meta

Meta rolls out default end-to-end encryption on Messenger, Facebook

  • Meta has announced that the immediate availability of end-to-end encryption for all chats and calls made through the Messenger app, as well as the Facebook social media platform.



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