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"Russia's LitterDrifter USB Worm Spreads Beyond Ukraine."

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SecurityWeek News Briefing | Monday, November 20, 2023

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Overcome Ransomware With a Single Solution

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Mavericks report


Strategic Framework for Ransomware Resilience

This paper outlines the critical capabilities needed to prepare for and recover from a ransomware attack, reducing downtime and minimizing the possibility of data loss. 

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SecurityWeek Expert Insights

5 Steps to Assessing Risk Profiles of Third-Party SSE Platforms - It’s crucial to thoroughly assess the risk profiles of various SSE platforms and weigh their suitability against their organization’s risk tolerance before adopting SSE. (Etay Maor)

Threat Intel: To Share or Not to Share is Not the Question - To share or not to share threat intelligence isn’t the question. It’s how to share, what to share, where and with whom. (Marc Solomon)

Addressing the State of AI’s Impact on Cyber Disinformation / Misinformation - By embracing a strategy that combines technological advancements with critical thinking skills, collaboration, and a culture of continuous learning, organizations can safeguard against AI’s disruptive effects. (Rik Ferguson)

Offense Intended: How Adversarial Emulation Went From State Secret To Board Bullet Point - Offensive Security does not focus on discreet attacks, singular actors, or Indicators of compromise, but understands the entirety of both sides of the battlefield. (Tom Eston)

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Overcome Ransomware With a Single Solution

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