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 "North Korean software supply chain attack hits North America, Asia."

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Security News Bundle



The title of this article probably sounds like the caption to a meme. Instead, this is an actual problem GitGuardian's engineers had to solve in implementing the mechanisms for their new HasMySecretLeaked service. They wanted to help developers find out if their secrets (passwords, API keys, private keys, cryptographic certificates, etc.) had found their way into public GitHub repositories. How
Jeremy Hunt, the Chancellor of the Exchequer for the UK, delivered his Autumn Statement of 2023 on November the 22 nd to Parliament. In this statement, he outlined the government’s five economic priorities for the upcoming forecast period. These include reducing debt, cutting taxes, supporting British businesses, building sustainable, domestic energy, and providing world-class education. The Offi


More details have emerged about a malicious Telegram bot called Telekopye that's used by threat actors to pull off large-scale phishing scams. "Telekopye can craft phishing websites, emails, SMS messages, and more," ESET security researcher Radek Jizba said in a new analysis. The threat actors behind the operation – codenamed Neanderthals – are known to run the criminal enterprise as a
Researchers warn of publicly exposed Kubernetes configuration secrets that could pose a threat of supply chain attack for organizations. Aqua Nautilus researchers warn of publicly exposed Kubernetes configuration secrets that put organizations at risk of supply chain attacks. The experts noticed that these misconfigurations impact hundreds of organizations and open-source projects. Impacted entit


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