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"Former Uber CISO speaks out, after 6 years, on data breach, solarwinds."

Accessed on 29 November 2023, 1435 UTC.

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Russ Roberts (https://www.hawaiicybersecurityjournal.net).

Former Uber CISO Speaks Out, After 6 Years, on Data Breach, SolarWinds
Joe Sullivan, spared prison time, weighs in on the lessons learned from the 2016 Uber breach and the import of the SolarWinds CISO case.
CISA to Congress: US Under Threat of Chemical Attacks
Dropping the ball on chemical security has precipitated "a national security gap too great to ignore," CISA warns.
Critical Vulns Found in Ray Open Source Framework for AI/ML Workloads
Anyscale has dismissed the vulnerabilities as non-issues, according to researchers who reported the bugs to the company.
Cyber Monday Kicks Off Holiday Shopping Season With E-Commerce Security Risks
Online shopping websites often lack basic security protections when it comes to PII, allowing malicious actors to capitalize on consumer data or perpetuate retail and hospitality scams.
macOS Malware Mix & Match: North Korean APTs Stir Up Fresh Attacks
Lazarus and its cohorts are switching loaders and other code between RustBucket and KandyKorn macOS malware to fool victims and researchers.
Slovenian Electrical Utility HSE Suffers Ransomware Attack
The company's power production remains in operation, and authorities have been notified of the attack.
Attacks Against South African ICS and IoT Systems Steadily Decrease
All African nations saw a reduced number of cyberattacks on industrial and IoT systems in the third quarter of 2023 compared with earlier this year.
Researchers Claim Design Flaw in Google Workspace Puts Organizations at Risk
Google says the issue has to do with organizations ensuring they implement least-privilege principles.
Fight or Flight: How to Keep Cyberattacks From Taking Off
As industries around the world act to mitigate the increase in cyber threats, the aviation sector should be leading the cybersecurity uprising, explains William "Hutch" Hutchison, CEO of SimSpace.
Name That Toon: Slam Dunk
Feeling creative? Submit your caption and our panel of experts will reward the winner with a $25 Amazon gift card.
(Sponsored Article) 3 Essential Steps to Strengthen SaaS Security
SaaS security is broad, possibly confusing, but undeniably crucial. Make sure you have the basics in place: discovery, risk assessment, and user access management.

General Electric, DARPA Hack Claims Raise National Security Concerns
Weapons systems data, AI research, and other classified information may be up for sale, not to mention access to other government agencies.

Data De-Identification: Balancing Privacy, Efficacy & Cybersecurity
Companies must do a delicate dance between consumer privacy protection, upholding their product's efficacy, and de-risking cyber breaches to run the business.

CISA, NCSC Offer a Road Map, Not Rules, in New Secure AI Guidelines
US and UK authorities issued new recommendations for companies that build and rely on AI, but they stop short of laying down the law.

Dark Reading Debuts Fresh New Site Design
Check out our new look — it's crisp, fast, and more reader-friendly.

Exploited Vulnerabilities Can Take Months to Make KEV List
The Known Exploited Vulnerabilities (KEV) catalog is a high-quality source of information on software flaws being exploited in the wild, but updates are often delayed, which means companies need other sources of threat intelligence.

GenAI Requires New, Intelligent Defenses
Understanding the risks of generative AI and the specific defenses to build to mitigate those risks is vital for effective business and public use of GenAI.

Egyptian E-Payment Vendor Recovering From LockBit Ransomware Attack
Fawry confirms addresses, phone numbers, and dates of birth, leaked online.
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