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"'Cache Warp' AMD VM Bug opens the door to privilege escalation."

Views expressed in this cybersecurity, cyber crime update are those of the reporters and correspondents.  Accessed on 17 November 2023, 1509 UTC.

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Russ Roberts (https://www.hawaiicybersecurityjournal.net).

'CacheWarp' AMD VM Bug Opens the Door to Privilege Escalation
Academics in Germany figured out how to reverse time in AMD virtualization environments, then reap the spoils.
Dangerous Apache ActiveMQ Exploit Allows Stealthy EDR Bypass
There's no time to waste: For organizations on the fence about patching the critical bug in ActiveMQ, the new proof-of-concept exploit should push them towards action.
Unpatched Critical Vulnerabilities Open AI Models to Takeover
The security holes can allow server takeover, information theft, model poisoning, and more.
'Randstorm' Bug: Millions of Crypto Wallets Open to Theft
The security vulnerability in a component of a widely used JavaScript implementation of Bitcoin makes passwords guessable via brute-force attacks.
APTs Swarm Zimbra Zero-Day to Steal Government Info Worldwide
At least four separate campaigns against CVE-2023-37580 in the popular Zimbra Collaboration Suite aimed to siphon up reams of sensitive mail data.
Despite Hype, the Password-Free Workplace Is Still a Long Way Off
More than half of organizations are nowhere near ditching passwords, even as cyberattackers continue to have a field day with workers' poor credential choices.
Consumer Software Security Assessment: Should We Follow NHTSA's Lead?
Vehicles are required to meet basic safety standards. Having similar requirements for software would give consumers greater control over their privacy and security.
3 Ways Behavioral Economics Obstructs Cybersecurity
People are not robots; their decisions are based on emotion as much as data. Often, this can lead them to make mistakes with serious security implications for the business.
'AlphaLock' Hackers Launch 'Pen-Testing Training' Group
With a two-pronged approach, the group trains its hackers in penetration testing, only to set them free to build a marketplace for pen-testing services.

Defending Against Attacks on Vulnerable IoT Devices
Organizations must approach cybersecurity as if they are defending themselves in a cyberwar.

Microsoft Zero-Days Allow Defender Bypass, Privilege Escalation
Another two bugs in this month's set of fixes for 63 CVEs were publicly disclosed previously but have not been exploited yet.

SEC Suit Ushers in New Era of Cyber Enforcement
A federal push to enforce cybersecurity requirements is holding public companies and government contractors accountable as a matter of law and for national security.

Rackspace Ransomware Costs Soar to Nearly $12M
Rackspace's 2022 ransomware attack costs only continue to mount, with lawsuits in the offing — and show the long-tail costs of a cyberattack.

IT Pros Worry Generative AI Will Be a Major Driver of Cybersecurity Threats
Organizations are concerned about generative AI technologies as being a major driver of cybersecurity threats in 2024.

Cybersecurity Investment Involves More Than Just Technology
Organizations are also looking at threat intelligence, risk assessment, cyber insurance, and third-party risk management.

FBI Warns: 5 Weeks In, Gaza Email Scams Still Thriving
Cybercriminals are playing both sides with simple disaster scams, and it's working.
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  • SecOps & DevSecOps in the Cloud

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