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 "Forget spam filters:  How unique phishing attempts undermine Microsoft email security."

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November 13, 2023

Forget the spam filter: How unique phishing attempts undermine Microsoft email security

Phishing is getting more and more difficult for spam filters to defend against, but for those using Microsoft 365, user education and built-in processes can help you fight back.
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Generative AI to fuel stronger phishing campaigns, information operations at scale in 2024

Google Cloud forecasts continued use of gen AI to create smarter campaigns while cybersecurity pros will use the same tools to defend and close the skills gap.
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Keep it secret, keep it safe: the essential role of cybersecurity in document management

Untold quantities of sensitive data reside in the huge variety of documents that accumulate over the lifetime of an organization. Keeping them safe no matter where they’re stored should be a top priority.
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Facebook tops security ratings among social networks

Enterprise-grade authentication remains an Achilles heel of the social media world, but security is improving in other areas, according to a report by access management provider Cerby.
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Generative AI could erode customer trust, half of business leaders say

Businesses leaders admit their company needs to improve security and compliance measures as demands of customers, investors, and suppliers increase.
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Cyber attackers and defenders are racing to up their AI game

As AI technology advances, cyber defenders are spending more on the technology to defend against malicious actors who currently hold an asymmetric advantage in deploying new AI-generated threats.
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