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"Cyberattackers alter implant on 30K compromised Cisco IOS XE Devices."

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 October 24, 2023
Cyberattackers Alter Implant on 30K Compromised Cisco IOS XE Devices
A seemingly sharp drop in the number of compromised Cisco IOS XE devices visible on the Internet led to a flurry of speculation over the weekend — but it turns out the malicious implants were just hiding.
'Log in with...' Feature Allows Full Online Account Takeover for Millions
Hundreds of millions of users of Grammarly, Vidio, and the Indonesian e-commerce giant Bukalapak are at risk for financial fraud and credential theft due to OAuth misfires -- and other online services likely have the same problems.
Valve's 2FA Mandate for Game Developers Shows SMS Stickiness
Despite warnings that sending one-time passwords via text messages is a flawed security measure, companies continue to roll out the approach, especially in consumer-facing applications.
Ragnar Locker Ransomware Boss Arrested in Paris
Cops track down ransomware developer and seize Ragnar Locker infrastructure and data-leak site, Europol says.
Malicious Apps Spoof Israeli Attack Detectors: Conflict Goes Mobile
A spoofed version of an Israeli rocket-attack alerting app is targeting Android devices, in a campaign that shows how cyber-espionage attacks are shifting to individual, everyday citizens.
Freelance Market Flooded With North Korean IT Actors
Organizations should be careful that the workers they hire on a freelance and temporary basis are not operatives working to funnel money to North Korea's WMD program, US DOJ says.
Telling Small Businesses to Buy Cyber Insurance Isn't Enough
To protect themselves from threats, companies also need proactive cybersecurity.
City of Philadelphia Releases Cyber-Breach Notice
The investigation is ongoing, and the city will contact those who may have potentially been affected by the breach, it said.
(Sponsored Article) The Silent Threat of APIs: What the New Data Reveals About Unknown Risk
The rapid growth of APIs creates a widening attack surface and increasing unknown cybersecurity risks.
Cisco Finds New Zero-Day Bug, Pledges Patches in Days
A patch for the max-severity zero-day bug tracked as CVE-2023-20198 is coming soon, but the bug has already led to the compromise of tens of thousands of Cisco devices. And now, there's a new unpatched threat.

Change From Within: 3 Cybersecurity Transformation Traps for CISOs to Avoid
To make cybersecurity an organizationwide priority, CISOs must avoid these common input, empathy, and alignment obstacles.

Patch Now: APTs Continue to Pummel WinRAR Bug
State-sponsored cyber-espionage actors from Russia and China continue to target WinRAR users with various info-stealing and backdoor malware, as a patching lag plagues the software's footprint.

Name That Toon: Modern Monarchy
Feeling creative? Submit your caption and our panel of experts will reward the winner with a $25 Amazon gift card.

9 Innovative Ways to Boost Security Hygiene for Cyber Awareness Month
If we really want to move the dial on security habits, it's time to think beyond phishing tests. Our panel of CISOs and other security heavy-hitters offer expert tips that go beyond the obvious.

How State and Local Governments Can Serve Citizens More Securely
Looking at the top 10 priorities of state CIOs underscores the importance of securing applications and APIs in complex environments.

Open Source Security Agents Promise Greater Simplicity, Flexibility
Endpoint management based on open source agents, such as osquery, could simplify IT management and security while giving larger firms more customization options.

Hola Espana: 'Grandoreiro' Trojan Targets Global Banking Customers
Brasileiro cybercrime has been on the rise. Now, one campaign targeting bank customers has reached beyond the Americas, into Europe.
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