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"'Looney Tunables' linux flaw sees snowballing proof-of-concept exploits."

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Russ Roberts (https://www.hawaiicybersecurityjournal.net).

'Looney Tunables' Linux Flaw Sees Snowballing Proof-of-Concept Exploits
Following the publication of the critical Linux security vulnerability, security specialists released PoC exploits to test the implications of CVE-2023-4911.
Hacktivists Enter Fray Following Hamas Strikes Against Israel
Killnet, Anonymous Sudan, along with other groups, pick up up their Middle East activities as war breaks out.
Operation Behind Predator Mobile Spyware Is 'Industrial Scale'
The Intellexa alliance has been using a range of tools for intercepting and subverting mobile and Wi-Fi technologies to deploy its surveillance tools, according to an investigation by Amnesty International and others.
Patch Now: Massive RCE Campaign Wrangles Routers Into Botnet
Thousands of devices, including D-Link and Zyxel gear, remain vulnerable to takeover despite the availability of patches for the several bugs being exploited by IZ1H9 campaign.
Cybersecurity Talent in America: Bridging the Gap
It's past time to reimagine how to best nurture talent and expand recruiting and training to alleviate the shortage of trained cybersecurity staff. We need a diverse talent pool trained for tomorrow's challenges.
Critical Zero-Day Bug in Atlassian Confluence Under Active Exploit
Patch now: The Atlassian security vulnerability appears to be a remotely exploitable privilege-escalation bug that cyberattackers could use to crack collaboration environments wide open.

'Looney Tunables' Bug Opens Millions of Linux Systems to Root Takeover
The flaw poses a significant risk of unauthorized data access, system alterations, potential data theft, and complete takeover of vulnerable systems, especially in the IoT and embedded computing space.

Preparing for the Unexpected: A Proactive Approach to Operational Resilience
Try these steps to create an operational resilience action plan that will satisfy financial regulators and help sustain business without disruption.

23andMe Cyberbreach Exposes DNA Data, Potential Family Ties
The information leaked in the breach involves personally identifiable information as well as genetic ancestry data, potential relatives, and geolocations.

Too Rich to Ransomware? MGM Brushes Off $100M in Losses
MGM wins big bet that choosing days of operations outages is a better business decision than paying a ransom, following last month's data breach.

Insurance Companies Have a Lot to Lose in Cyberattacks
Not only do insurance companies collate sensitive information from their clients, but they also generate their own corporate data to protect.

Google, Yahoo Push DMARC, Forcing Companies to Catch Up
The move means that DMARC, already in use by half of enterprises, will become table stakes for anyone using email for marketing.

Suspected Crime Gang Hacks Israeli President's Telegram Account
The encrypted messaging app was hacked in the wake of an online scam before access was "swiftly restored."
  • Building an Effective Active Directory Security Strategy

    For many organizations, Microsoft's Active Directory is the source of truth for user identity and system access. For criminals, Active Directory is a gold mine of information for moving laterally through the corporate infrastructure. Despite its importance, many security teams ...

  • When Tech Converges, Orgs Consolidate: Navigating Change Across your Security Platforms

    Convergence trends across both Web Application and API Protection (WAAP) and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) are no coincidence. Modern organizations need the multiplicative value these security platform approaches provide, with underlying capabilities that were designed to work together. And ...

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