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 "Israeli 'cyber war room' uses Amazon facial recognition to find missing and dead after Hamas attack."

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Israeli ‘Cyber War Room’ Uses Amazon Facial Recognition To Find Missing And Dead After Hamas Attack

Hackers who previously targeted Bay Area terrorize Israel, wage cyberwarfare in Middle East

Private-sector tech defenders join the cyber war against Hamas

Cyber Warfare Market 2032: Where Defense Meets Offense in Cyberspace | Trends & Future Growth.

North Korea experiments with AI in cyber warfare: US official

How to defend yourself against Hamas’s cyberwarfare

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The evolution of deception tactics from traditional to cyber warfare

Opinion | War Wide Web: India’s information warfare takeaways from Israel-Hamas conflict

AI has become a ‘strong attack tool’ for nations in cyber warfare

Military eases enlistment rules for ‘cyberwarriors’

India’s espionage spree

Springfield Cybersecurity Center to Train Students for Cyber War

Public Defense, Global Cyber-war

Elon Musks Says He Unloaded a Tommy Gun Into a Cybertruck "Al Capone Style"

Picking up the pieces of our grief

Cybersecurity Awareness Month stresses need for year-round vigilance

This is how Hamas got the weapons to carry out the October 7 attack

The AI Act’s crunch time, submarine cables financing


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