"Cloudflare sees surge in hyper-volumetric HTTP DDoS attacks." 

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Cloudflare sees surge in hyper-volumetric HTTP DDoS attacks

  • The number of hyper-volumetric HTTP DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks recorded in the third quarter of 2023 surpasses every precedent, indicating that the field has entered a new chapter.

  • Apple CPU

New iLeakage attack steals emails, passwords from Apple Safari

  • Academic researchers created a new speculative side-channel attack they named iLeakage that works on all recent Apple devices and can extract sensitive information from the Safari web browser.

  • Pwn2Own Toronto

Samsung Galaxy S23 hacked two more times at Pwn2Own Toronto

  • Security researchers hacked the Samsung Galaxy S23 smartphone two more times on the second day of the Pwn2Own 2023 hacking competition in Toronto, Canada.

  • Chilean telecom giant GTD hit by the Rorschach ransomware gang

Chilean telecom giant GTD hit by the Rorschach ransomware gang

  • Chile's Grupo GTD warns that a cyberattack has impacted its Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform, disrupting online services.

  • Windows 11

Microsoft tests Windows 11 encrypted DNS server auto-discovery

  • Microsoft is testing support for the Discovery of Network-designated Resolvers (DNR) internet standard, which enables automated client-side discovery of encrypted DNS servers on local area networks.

  • Flipper Zero

Flipper Zero can now spam Android, Windows users with Bluetooth alerts

  • A custom Flipper Zero firmware called 'Xtreme' has added a new feature to perform Bluetooth spam attacks on Android and Windows devices.

  • Windows 11

Windows 11 to let admins mandate SMB encryption for outbound connections

  • Windows 11 will let admins mandate SMB client encryption for all outbound connections, starting with today's Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25982 rolling out to Insiders in the Canary Channel.

  • Seiko

Seiko says ransomware attack exposed sensitive customer data

  • Japanese watchmaker Seiko has confirmed it suffered a Black Cat ransomware attack earlier this year, warning that the incident has led to a data breach, exposing sensitive customer, partner, and personnel information.

  • Citrix Bleed

Citrix Bleed exploit lets hackers hijack NetScaler accounts

  • A proof-of-concept (PoC) exploit is released for the 'Citrix Bleed' vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2023-4966, that allows attackers to retrieve authentication session cookies from vulnerable Citrix NetScaler ADC and NetScaler Gateway appliances.

  • Ransomware isn’t going away – the problem is only getting worse

Ransomware isn’t going away – the problem is only getting worse

  • Ransomware incidents continue to grow at an alarming pace, targeting the enterprise and governments worldwide. Learn more from Specops Software on how ransomware gangs gain initial access to networks and how to protect against attacks.

  • Hacker red map

European govt email servers hacked using Roundcube zero-day

  • The Winter Vivern Russian hacking group has been exploiting a Roundcube Webmail zero-day since at least October 11 to attack European government entities and think tanks.

  • VMware

VMware fixes critical code execution flaw in vCenter Server

  • VMware issued security updates to fix a critical vCenter Server vulnerability that can be exploited to gain remote code execution attacks on vulnerable servers.

  • Pwn2Own Toronto

Samsung Galaxy S23 hacked twice on first day of Pwn2Own Toronto

  • Security researchers hacked the Samsung Galaxy S23 twice during the first day of the consumer-focused Pwn2Own 2023 hacking contest in Toronto, Canada.

  • Hacker

Hackers backdoor Russian state, industrial orgs for data theft

  • Several state and key industrial organizations in Russia were attacked with a custom Go-based backdoor that performs data theft, likely aiding espionage operations.

  • Matrix-space

Decentralized Matrix messaging network says it now has 115M users

  • The team behind the Matrix open standard and real-time communication protocol has announced the release of its second major version, bringing end-to-end encryption to group VoIP, faster loading times, and more.

  • ASVEL Basketball

ASVEL basketball team confirms data breach after ransomware attack

  • French professional basketball team LDLC ASVEL (ASVEL) has confirmed that data was stolen after the NoEscape ransomware gang claimed to have attacked the club.



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