"Microsoft Edge, Teams get fixes for zero-day in open-source libraries."

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Microsoft Edge, Teams get fixes for zero-days in open-source libraries

  • Microsoft released emergency security updates for Edge, Teams, and Skype to patch two zero-day vulnerabilities in open-source libraries used by the three products.

  • Microsoft 365

EvilProxy uses open redirect for Microsoft 365 phishing

  • A recently uncovered phishing campaign is targeting Microsoft 365 accounts of key executives in U.S.-based organizations by abusing open redirects from the Indeed employment website for job listings.

  • Tor Browsers

Microsoft Defender no longer flags Tor Browser as malware

  • For Windows users who frequently use the TorBrowser, there's been a pressing concern. Recent versions of the TorBrowser, specifically because of the tor.exe file it contained, were being flagged as potential threats by Windows Defender.

  • Exim

Exim patches three of six zero-day bugs disclosed last week

  • Exim developers have released patches for three of the zero-days disclosed last week through Trend Micro's Zero Day Initiative (ZDI), one of them allowing unauthenticated attackers to gain remote code execution.

  • Bunny

New BunnyLoader threat emerges as a feature-rich malware-as-a-service

  • Security researchers discovered a new malware-as-a-service (MaaS) named 'BunnyLoader' advertised on multiple hacker forums as a fileless loader that can steal and replace the contents of the system clipboard.

  • Hacker Screens

Ransomware gangs now exploiting critical TeamCity RCE flaw

  • Ransomware gangs are now targeting a recently patched critical vulnerability in JetBrains' TeamCity continuous integration and deployment server.

  • Hacker

Exploit available for critical WS_FTP bug exploited in attacks

  • Over the weekend, security researchers released a proof-of-concept (PoC) exploit for a maximum severity remote code execution vulnerability in Progress Software's WS_FTP Server file sharing platform.

  • Arm

Arm warns of Mali GPU flaws likely exploited in targeted attacks

  • Arm in a security advisory today is warning of an actively exploited vulnerability affecting the widely-used Mali GPU drivers.

  • Motel One

Motel One discloses data breach following ransomware attack

  • The Motel One Group has announced that it has been targeted by ransomware actors who managed to steal some customer data, including the details of 150 credit cards.

  • Hacker phone scam

FBI warns of surge in 'phantom hacker' scams impacting elderly

  • The FBI issued a public service announcement warning of a significant increase in 'phantom hacker' scams targeting senior citizens across the United States.

  • Amazon Prime

Amazon sends Mastercard, Google Play gift card order emails by mistake

  • Amazon mistakenly sent out purchase confirmation emails for, Google Play, and Mastercard gift cards to customers, making many worried their accounts were compromised.

  • Hacker

Meet LostTrust ransomware — A likely rebrand of the MetaEncryptor gang

  • The LostTrust ransomware operation is believed to be a rebrand of MetaEncryptor, utilizing almost identical data leak sites and encryptors.

  • Key Decryptor Unlock

New Marvin attack revives 25-year-old decryption flaw in RSA

  • A flaw related to the PKCS #1 v1.5 padding in SSL servers discovered in 1998 and believed to have been resolved still impacts several widely-used projects today.

  • Cloudflare

Cloudflare DDoS protections ironically bypassed using Cloudflare

  • Cloudflare's Firewall and DDoS prevention can be bypassed through a specific attack process that leverages logic flaws in cross-tenant security controls.

  • Outlook

Microsoft fixes Outlook prompts to reopen closed windows

  • Microsoft has resolved a known issue that caused Outlook Desktop to unexpectedly prompt users to reopen previously closed windows.

  • Dark Angel datacenter

The Week in Ransomware - September 29th 2023 - Dark Angels

  • This week has been a busy ransomware week, with ransomware attacks having a massive impact on organizations and the fallout of the MOVEit breaches to be disclosed.

  • Exim

Millions of Exim mail servers exposed to zero-day RCE attacks

  • A critical zero-day vulnerability in all versions of Exim mail transfer agent (MTA) software can let unauthenticated attackers gain remote code execution (RCE) on Internet-exposed servers.



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