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 "Reaction to Qakbot botnet disruption...."

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SecurityWeek News Briefing | Friday, September 1, 2023

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Last Chance for Mandiant’s mWISE: The Security Conference for Practitioners

Happy Labor Day!

What should every practitioner know about AI?

Last Chance for Mandiant’s mWISE: The Security Conference for Practitioners

Get a front-row seat as security experts discuss the industry’s hottest topics, from AI and security engineering to cyber risk management and exploits. Sign up now for in-person or virtual registration. Hurry, mWISE is just a few weeks away.


SecurityWeek Expert Insights

How Quantum Computing Will Impact Cybersecurity - While quantum-based attacks are still in the future, organizations must think about how to defend data in transit when encryption no longer works. (Marie Hattar)

The End of “Groundhog Day” for the Security in the Boardroom Discussion - As the SEC cyber incident disclosure rules come into effect, organizations will be forced to seriously consider giving security leaders a seat at the table. (Marc Solomon)

Email – The System Running Since 71’ - Working remotely is here to stay and businesses should continue to make sure their basic forms of communication are properly configured and secured. (Matt Honea)

Managing and Securing Distributed Cloud Environments - The complexity and challenge of distributed cloud environments often necessitate managing multiple infrastructure, technology, and security stacks, multiple policy engines, multiple sets of controls, and multiple asset inventories. (Joshua Goldfarb)

Last Chance for Mandiant’s mWISE: The Security Conference for Practitioners

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