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"More scamming of the romance scammers with Becky Holmes."

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Lock and Code
More scamming of the romance scammers, with Becky Holmes: Lock and Code podcast
This week on the Lock and Code podcast, host David Ruiz speaks with Becky Holmes about how she flips the script on romance scammers, and what governments should be doing to help.
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Mobile location
Victim records deleted after spyware vendor compromised
Hackers have breached the network of a spyware vendor, stolen customer data and then deleted the records, leaving compromised phones no longer able to upload data to the network.
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Smart lightbulb
Smart lightbulb and app vulnerability puts your Wi-Fi password at risk
New research highlights another potential danger from IoT devices, with a popular make of smart light bulbs placing Wi-Fi network passwords at risk.
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Judge hits gavel
Teenage members of Lapsus$ ransomware gang convicted
A wave of video game developer compromises has come to a conclusion in court, ending in several convictions for those responsible.
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ABCD Block in Tab
What’s the average number of phishing emails sent per day?
A. 5.6 billion
B. 13.3 million
C. 3.4 billion
Look for the answer at the bottom of this email!
data breach
Data breaches occur when hackers target organizations, looking to steal data they can sell on the Dark Web. Most data breaches include information like usernames, passwords and email addresses. See if your email is associated with any data breaches and learn what steps you can take if it has.
data breach
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Answer: If you answered C3.4 billion… You are correct!
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