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 September 23, 2023
Will Generative AI Kill the Nigerian Prince Scam?
A linguist analyzes whether GPT will improve the notoriously agrammatical scam — or finally render it a thing of the past.
Secure Browser Tech Is Having a Moment
Cloud adoption is driving secure browsers' moment in the sun as rumors fly that Palo Alto Networks is looking to snap up Talon.
Do CISOs Have to Report Security Flaws to the SEC?
The new SEC rules make it seem that there is no need to report the presence of security vulnerabilities, but that doesn't quite tell the full story.
Companies Explore Ways to Safeguard Data in the Age of LLMs
Generative AI models are forcing companies to become creative about how they keep employees from giving away sensitive data.
Security Conferences Keep Us Honest
Conferences are where vendors and security researchers meet face to face to address problems and discuss solutions — despite the risks associated with public disclosure.
ASPM Is Good, But It's Not a Cure-All for App Security
What application security posture management does, it does well. But you'll still need to fill in some holes, especially concerning API security.
What Does Socrates Have to Do With CPM?
It's time to focus on the "P" in cybersecurity performance management.
Companies Rely on Multiple Methods to Secure Generative AI Tools
To protect their own and their customers' data, organizations are exploring different approaches to guard against the unwanted effects of using AI.
Yubico Goes Public
The Swedish maker of Yubikeys has merged with special purpose acquisition company ACQ Bure.
MGM, Caesars Cyberattack Responses Required Brutal Choices
Tens of millions in losses later, the MGM and Caesars systems are back online following dual cyberattacks by the same threat actor — here's what experts say about their incident responses.

'Gold Melody' Access Broker Plays on Unpatched Servers' Strings
A financially motivated threat actor uses known vulnerabilities, ordinary TTPs, and off-the-shelf tools to exploit the unprepared, highlighting the fact that many organizations still don't focus on the security basics.

FBI, CISA Issue Joint Warning on 'Snatch' Ransomware-as-a-Service
The group's use of malware that forces Windows computers to reboot into Safe Mode before encrypting files is noteworthy, advisory says.

Being Flexible Can Improve Your Security Posture
Changing your approach when you realize you could be more efficient pays dividends, especially in six areas of your cybersecurity program.
Name That Edge Toon: Prized Possessions
Come up with a clever caption, and our panel of experts will reward the winner with a $25 Amazon gift card.
6 Ways AI Can Revolutionize Digital Forensics
Artificial intelligence tools can automate the analysis of logs, video, and other important but tedious aspects of investigations.

  • Using AI in Application Security Tooling

    As AI continues to improve, security vendors are considering how they can use AI to protect applications. In web application and API security tooling used to protect production environments, AI/ML can be used to enhance and complement existing tactics ...

  • Tips for A Streamlined Transition to Zero Trust

    From identifying the potential attack surface to determining policy, there is a clear path to zero trust and best practices to make the transition as smooth as possible - both for your organization and your customers. Zero trust is more ...

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