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"Does your phone have malware?  IVPN takes top honors."

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How to Figure Out If Your Phone Has Malware

Has your phone been acting up? Here's how to check if malware is to blame, and what to do if it is.

Google Will Now Ship Weekly Chrome Security Updates

More frequent updates should lead to a safer browsing experience.

Zoom Revises Terms (Again) to Say It's Not Using Your Data to Train AI Models at All

Previously, the video-conferencing firm said it doesn't 'use audio, video, or chat content for training our models without customer consent.' It has now dropped that last part.

IVPN Wins an Editors' Choice Award

Although its collection of servers is small, IVPN offers a unique approach to multi-hop connections and a privacy-first account system in addition to affordable, flexible prices.

At Black Hat, Feds Push Tech Firms to Adopt 'Radical Transparency'

'Security needs to be seen as a priority, because if it's not, speed to market always wins,' a senior technical advisor at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency says at Black Hat.

Hackers Attack the UK's Electoral Commission Systems

The breach 'does not pose a high risk to individuals,' but the Commission is encouraging those who registered to vote in the UK between 2014 and 2022 to keep an eye on their personal data.

‘Defender-Pretender’: How Researchers Undermined Microsoft Defender Antivirus

A Black Hat briefing on a now-fixed vulnerability underscores an old lesson: ‘Trust no one.’

Opera VPN Pro Is Best for Users of the Browser

Opera VPN Pro is among the most affordable VPNs available, and tight integration with the Opera browser makes it easy for existing users to improve their privacy. For everyone else, better options abound.

Uncle Sam Needs Your AI Help, and DARPA Will Hand Out $20M to Make it Happen
Bots Are Better at Solving CAPTCHAs Than Humans, Research Shows
US Extradites 2 Nigerians for Sextortion Schemes Against US Teens
Google Enables End-to-End Encryption for RCS Group Chats
Use a Top Security Key for Multi-Factor Authentication
Ransomware Is a Bigger Threat Than Ever
Protect Your Mac (Yes, Your Mac) With Antivirus
Every Privacy & Security Toolbox Must Have a VPN
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