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 "Motherboard mishaps undermine trust, security."

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Motherboard Mishaps Undermine Trust, Security
MSI and Microsoft warn about new Windows Preview blue screens on some motherboards, the latest mishap to raise questions over the reliability of hardware and firmware.
Cybercriminals Harness Leaked LockBit Builder in Wave of New Attacks
Enterprising, or simply lazy, cybercriminals are using Lockbit v3 to cut corners on ransomware.
Financial Firms Breached in MOVEit Cyberattacks Now Face Lawsuits
TD Ameritrade, Charles Schwab named in new class action data breach lawsuit, following last week's filing against Prudential.
London Police Warned to Stay Vigilant Amid Major Data Breach
Hackers hit a third-party contractor's IT systems, but they didn't steal any addresses or financial details, officials say.
5 Ways to Prepare for Google's 90-Day TLS Certificate Expiration
With bad guys frequently upping their game, security can't leave these protections to a once-a-year upgrade.
Legal Liability for Insecure Software Might Work, but It's Dangerous
Imposing government-regulated security requirements on software companies may go too far and create unintended consequences.
(Sponsored Article) The Dark Web Is Expanding (As Is the Value of Monitoring It)
Rising cybercrime threats heighten risks. Dark Web monitoring offers early alerts and helps lessen exposures.
Ransomware With an Identity Crisis Targets Small Businesses, Individuals
TZW is the latest version of Adhubllka, which has been active since 2019 but has gone largely unreported due to its lower ransom demands.

Ransomware Reaches New Heights
It's not going anywhere: Widely exploited bugs like MOVEit, leaks of stolen data, and rapid-fire escalation are keeping ransomware attacks as painful as ever.

Is Bias in AI Algorithms a Threat to Cloud Security?
Using AI for threat detection and response is essential — but it can't replace human intelligence, expertise, and intuition.

5 Best Practices for Implementing Risk-First Cybersecurity
Embracing a risk-first mindset empowers organizations to make informed decisions, strengthen security, safeguard valuable assets, and reduce financial impact.

China Unleashes Flax Typhoon APT to Live Off the Land, Microsoft Warns
The cyber-espionage group has created a stealthy, hard-to-mitigate network of persistent access across a range of organizations, but the endgame is unclear.

A Child's Garden of Cybersecurity
Whether you dream of your child becoming a CISO or just want them to improve their security hygiene, consider this roundup of literary geekery.


Authentication Outage Underscores Why 'Fail Safe' Is Key
Duo's service outage last week, impacting schools and businesses, highlights how companies should build in resiliency and business continuity into their authentication schemes.

Controversial Cybercrime Law Passes in Jordan
The increase in cyberattacks against the Middle East in the last few years has pressured Jordan and other nations to better secure their infrastructures.
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